Akaal Purkh Ki Fauj International Movement

I recenly has the previleage of visiting Anandpur Sahib Ji, there i noticed some neon signs about Akaal Purkh Ki Fauj international movement... i could not get more information. It would be gr8 if someone could put some light on this movement.


Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
This is a SGPC sponsored International Movement...initiated by the Then Acting Jathedar Akal takhat Manjit Singh (Keshgarh Jathedar)..in the late 1990's.
This Vasakhi in Amrtisar it launched the DASTAAR YEAR 2005. This is Promoted via posters printed in INDIA through its Amrtisar Headquarters. The Dastaar Pride Year 2005 has received widepsread support and is good initiative in view of the troubles in France.

The "APKF" was initially begun as a sort of Sikh SCOUT Movement for YOUTHS...there were special uniforms, Officers,Area Commanders, Regional Commanders and Commander in Chief, International Commander In Chief...etc etc...very much like a "FAUJ" (military lines)..but this soon fizzled out ( in malaysia anyway where it is now almost defunct with NO units in any Gurdwara...no membership drive , no prgrammes ) Perhaps in the USA/Britain units may still be active.

Practically speaking Each and Every SINGH is already a member of the Akaal Purakh Ki Fauj of GURU GOBIND SINGH Ji...our children should have been "automatic" members of this organisation ???

The fauj maintains a website and runs a Gurmat Learning Zone Mailing list on Yahoo Groups..at 4300++ memebers..de facto largest mailing list in Sikh groups......both are run from MALAYSIA., by Bhai Autar Singh and Dr.Kanwar Ranbir Singh USA

Anyone wishing to learn more can join the GLZ or visit the website.

jarnail Singh
I have NEVER heard about htis movement. Thank You to Aman Singh who brought up this topic, and Thank You to Giani Jarnail Singh Ji who took the time to respond. Thank You both.