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Acceptance Is In Order At This Time

Discussion in 'Spiritual' started by Sikh News Reporter, Nov 2, 2004.

  1. Sikh News Reporter

    Sikh News Reporter United States
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    Sep 20, 2004
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    Be willing to have it so. All issues, all disturbances, all conflicts can be
    handled by understanding what the problem is and accepting it, then changing it.
    As the saying goes, we are either part of the problem or part of the solution.
    When we are disturbed about something or someone, it is because we do not
    understand on a higher level but view it through our personality, which is
    attached to our need to control things and see ourselves in a positive light. I
    have seen lot of emotionalism and tunnel vision in debates over the form. When
    one becomes emotional, he becomes irrational.

    If some facet of our life is unacceptable, and we have been up front in dealing
    with it to no avail, sometimes the only way through is to accept that this is
    so. We cannot find serenity when we are at war with someone or with ourselves.
    Nothing happens on this great green earth by mistake. Unless we accept our
    situation and learn from it, we cannot be happy. If we learn from it, then we
    need not beat ourselves up. Nor do we need to beat up others with blame words.
    We need only concentrate on our part of the situation; what needs to be changed
    in our way of thinking and having done so, happiness will follow.

    Forgiveness can never be imposed, willed or insisted upon by yourself or by any
    other...It cannot be a should. Holding on to an ancient hurt manifests as a
    blockage of energy hidden in the body that plays itself out in the daily life.
    As anger beliefs are not only of the head, but also of the energies of the body,
    the issue must be fully experienced to change the beliefs. Resentment and
    revenge thoughts are sometimes hard to break, but we can continue to ask them to
    leave. We can continue to ask our mind to stretch so we can see things in a
    different way. We can become quiet inside and turn things over to our Higher
    Power. The urgings of the Higher Self come forth to perceive the old hurt in a
    new way, saying, "Look, look at this.... There are greater gifts waiting for you

    Forgiveness is detachment from how we insist things must be. The act of release
    comes only when the energies of the issue have played them through and there is
    surrender to the greater understanding of things. Self-forgiveness is sometimes
    the hardest. There must be a full understanding and acceptance of the murky
    darkness of our nature before release comes. On some level there is an
    understanding of "Yes, I am this and I have choice as to how I deal with it."
    Forgiveness is accepting the unacceptable in us and seeing it in a new light. It
    is to know that all that is within us is of human nature. Forgiveness is to go
    past the hurt of the little self into the connection with the greater Self. To
    forgive is to surrender. Forgiveness is to say, "Thy will be done."

    How would you feel if you were told that from this moment forward, you could
    always get exactly what you wanted? This is precisely what I'm telling you here.
    You can always, in any circumstance, get exactly what you want from life if you
    always, in every circumstance, learn to want what you get.

    We can never trust in even the most favorable of circumstances, for we know
    that they are always subject to the change. The people in our lives that we love
    and respect may be wonderful and seem infinitely worthy of our trust. Yet they
    too can always change, or leave us, or die. We might think, "Well, maybe I can't
    trust circumstances or other people, but I can always trust in myself." This
    sounds good at first, but can we ultimately trust, even in ourselves, but we
    would have to admit that over the years we have even failed ourselves in any
    number of ways. So even trusting in oneself is not the final answer.

    What can we trust absolutely? What can we always depend on in any
    circumstance? We can trust this present moment. Whatever happens in this very
    moment can be depended upon to be just exactly as it is. If I lose everything I
    have, I can still depend on this moment to be what it is. If I meet the perfect
    person and fall in love, or if I win a million dollars, it can be depended upon
    to be just what it is. Whether what is traditionally referred to as good or bad
    happens to me, I can depend on that. This is not a fatalistic or passive
    approach to life. We may very well be given seemingly insurmountable obstacles
    in life in order to learn what we can, by overcoming them. But if we face these
    obstacles with a basic acceptance, we are much more likely to possess the
    calmness of mind necessary to see with some clarity the most skillful means of
    overcoming them. What keeps us constantly struggling with life is the attitude
    of non-acceptance, of not trusting the basic process of life unfolding. We
    suffer under the false assumption that the goal of life is to always avoid what
    we find unpleasant and to try to dwell in constant comfort. We don't really
    understand that life is nothing personal. It is much bigger than that. We need
    to learn to trust in and surrender to this impersonal process we tend to think
    of as "my life." We have to let go I and Me .

    " Kabir, Mera Mujh Mehn Kich Nahin, Jo Kich Hai So Tera,

    Tera Tujh Ko Saopte, Kia Lage Mera"

    Virinder S.Grewal
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  3. drkhalsa

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    Sep 16, 2004
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    It was really nice to read such a beautifully written thoughts which are some times difficult to express and truly believe that only real solution as total acceptance to the moment to live in
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