Absence Of Sikhi Participation At Obama's Religious Prayers

Tejwant Singh

Jun 30, 2004
Henderson, NV.
Dear Cyber Sadh Sangat,

We watched on TV when the religious prayers were being chanted/said/uttered/explained at the National Cathedral on Wednesday, Jan,21st, one day after Obama's inauguration as the President of the United States.

Most of the practicing religions participated except Sikhi.

We did see Rajwant Singh in his bright baby yellow colored turban perched among the clergy of different religions but he did not say anything.

What could have been the reason?

Common sense would indicate that the reason may have been the vestament without Kakaars and secondly, Rajwant is not considered a Sikh Priest but a well known character in Washington's social circle.

One of the Kakaars would be the Kirpan which may be the main reason for our not participating in this historic event.

Before I start this thought of mine, I would like to point out that I took
Khandei de Pahul on the Vaisakhi day in 1988 and consider myself a blessed Sikh.

It is a sad thing to notice that the Kakaars bestowed to us by Guru Gobind
Singh as the reminders and tools to breed goodness within so that we can lead a
pragmatic way of life have turned into some dogmatic symbology that forbids us
to participate actively in the cultural mainstreams around the world where Sikh
generations have been residing for quite sometime.

A lot of Shabad Vichar and sensible thought process is needed where we are not
barred from participating with the citizenry of the countries where we reside.

The recent example of Religious prayers held on Jan 21st, where Sikhi could not
be shone is not a good sign.

Our way of life called Sikhi is idea based hence it is our duty to spread
those Gurmat ideas to all not get shackled by the symbols that freed us from
the opressors and the repressors.

Just thinking aloud.

Tejwant Singh


Jun 1, 2006
Rajwant Singh sent an email to all Sikhs urging them to vote for Hillary. On his web site he had many photographs showing him with the lady. Now Rajwant Singh has
changed his tune and is present in the catherdral where prayers are held. He also wrote to several Sikh forums that he was invited as sole representatives of Sikhs.
Does he represent Sikhs in USA?
Did he not a one time support Khalistan?


Jun 1, 2006
Dear Tejwant Singh

You have jumped to conclusions. Rajwant Singh urged Sikhs not to vote for Obama but instead vote for Hilary. If he does not have five K's then he could have used the occassion to highlight the Sikh cause.