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About 8 Hours!

Discussion in 'Blogs' started by Harry Haller, Oct 16, 2015.

  1. Harry Haller

    Harry Haller United Kingdom
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    Jan 31, 2011
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    So lets have some home truths Harry, well first, you are completely useless at anything other than compassion, love, empathy.You are ill equipped to live in this world with its games and show. If you lead the way, we are going to be broke.

    I exist to protect you, to carry you, is it possible I could embrace you and you could embrace me?

    Your path leads to personal ruin, you cannot assist and help without using your brain, without using me, and I cannot howl without the feelings of despair and solitude that haunt me,

    You know there are a million different Harrys, just like there are a million different wolves, look there goes the wolf that wishes to be Harry, talking to the Harry that wishes he was wolf, theres gambling wolf, sloth wolf, well dressed wolf, glutton wolf, content Harry, Harry the son, the husband, the stepfather, the brother, the friend.

    We need a leader, how about Harry the true, with non lust wolf, how about we all integrate and find some sort of balance, but to be on the side of consonance, with a view to slowly walking that path, we could keep lust wolf locked up, maybe bring him out on special occassions. They found lust wolf, he was lying in his own filth, and acting in the way that a lust wolf probably would, they tried to have a conversation, but it was impossible, he was a grotesque sight, bloated, overgrown and unkempt. Finally, Harry the true pointed out the obvious, your self destructing, you can barely stand, your going to die, lustwolf replied in a whisper, but I'll take you all with me..

    How the hell did something so disgusting lead the way? Who fed him? all the wolves looked around uneasily, Harry the true was in good stride, you lot think this is what howling is? what being a wolf is? look at him, look at your proud wolf leader.

    Lustwolf growled, I hold the key, you cannot destroy me, or imprison me, if you want to fight, fine, its only been 30 years, you might be lucky.

    The council met later
    Harry the true
    Harry of Love

    non lust wolf
    business wolf

    the wolves went first,
    we get to keep the car right? and maybe sort out the a/c and the stereo?
    Maybe one day a week we could gorge out on food and drink
    We will conduct ourselves under the guide of Sikhi living
    We have to let him out, but once he has lost weight and become a lover and gentleman wolf, a wit, charming, romantic, confident, a true lover, that is who he should be, not the stinking ball of filth he has become, we will send him to a retreat,

    The Harrys then put forward terms
    Pleasure is nice, but as soon as it owns you, it goes
    we will take 80% of control, we will respect your 20%, all activity to be within Gurmat, but not blindly, not stupidly, with reason and logic, discretion.

    Lust wolf was brought up, he was made to look at himself, 7 years ago, he was slim, confident, clean, happy, passionate, but most of all, understanding. He looked good, they then made lust wolf look in the mirror, he twitched as he saw the truth, and the bits of decaying lamb kebab in his beard, the unnatural prominence of all the erogonous zones, the dazed look, dead fish eyes still pining, still hungry, but getting deader by the hour.

    Why don't you think about it lustwolf, take your time, 2 years of howling, followed by the torture of the yearning for what you could have been, followed by death, alone, and physically looking like you alone look now, that is all we will be, not the death you thought, not that brilliant explosion of passion and excitement, no, a death of watching your body disintegrate, till you can howl no more, and then you will know the meaning of the word, solitude.

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