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A Translation Of Japji Sahib

Discussion in 'Jup Banee' started by swarn bains, Oct 11, 2016.

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    I am putting my translation jpu jee and sukhmani sahib here. if the moderator does not like it, please cancel it. Ido not know how to put it anywhere. [Thank you ji. I've moved your post to the
    Japji Sahib subforum. Ishna]


    God is one. It is true. He is the Creator. He has no concern with anything (carefree). He has no enemy. He is immortal. He does not take birth. He came into existence on His own. He is realized by guru’s (divine teacher) grace reciting God’s name.


    MENTIONED ABOVE IS true from the beginning, for a long time. It is true now. Nanak says it will always be true. No one can realize God by thinking, you may think forever. Divinity cannot be achieved by being quiet even if you never speak. A greedy person is never content; he may have the wealth of the whole world. Contentment is a must to realize God. The intelligence does not count for attaining divinity. How to find the truth? How to lift the veil of falsehood? Nanak says everything happens by God’s grace. It is pre-ordained. ||1|| The universe is created by God’s command. His command cannot be described. Birth takes place by His command; get recognition by His command. Higher or lower status comes by His command; Happiness and sorrow come by His command. Rags and riches come with His command. Everyone is subject to His command; no one is beyond His command. Nanak says if you understand God’s command, you do not talk loud, become humble instead. ||2|| No one can be as great as God. The universe is the proof of his greatness. He has all the virtues that are worthy of admiration. God has supreme knowledge and know how, to understand everything. God is the Creator and destroyer. God takes away life and gives it back as well. It appears that God is far away Page 2. God is the nearest and watches everything. No one can explain virtues of God. Millions have tried to explain in vain. God keeps giving and the recipients get tired of accepting. The creation keeps begging forever. Whatever happens in the universe happens with God’s command. Nanak says the carefree God gets satisfaction by doing everything. ||3|| It is true that there is God. His creation and His values are incomparable. The beggars keep begging. The bestowal keeps giving. Then what should I do? By which I can find the way to Him! What should I speak that He listens with love? When you discuss and praise God that is thesacred time. As you sow so shall you reap? The salvation is achieved by God’s grace. Nanak says if you take it at its face value, you can realize your dream. No one can take God’s place. It cannot be done. He only can occupy that seat. The devotees are respected there. Nanak says, you too praise God. Miss and listen His name with intent. It will fill you with joy by eliminating sorrows. You can become divine by listening, praying by missing. God is in you. Divinity is achieved by the grace of a guru. People have achieved it. Such as Shiva, Brahma, Parvati etc. Even if I know about God, still I cannot explain, because God is beyond comprehension. Guru has explained one thing clearly. There is only one who gives to everyone. I do not forget Him. ||5|| I miss Him by His grace only. I cannot do it without His grace. Whatever anyone achieves in this world cannot be done without own effort.Most precious jewels are in the mind, can only be exploited by guru’s teaching. Guru has explained one thing clearly. There is only one who gives to everyone, I do not forget Him! ||6|| If life becomes as long as the creation or even ten times more. Everyone knows you and follows you. Earn the respect of everyone by doing good deeds. No one cares for you without the grace of God. God finds every sin by dissecting and puts the blame on the guilty. Nanak says God guides the ignorant and bestows more on the learned. No one can match His deeds ||7|| Heard about the people such as mystics, divine teachers, gods and meditating yogis. Heard about someone carrying the earth and sky! Heard about the life on different continents and the underworld! Heard about someone can control death. Nanak says those who miss God are always content. The sins and sufferings are eradicated by reciting the name of God. ||8|| Heard about Shiva, Brahma and Indra highly revered people. They have achieved this by singing Your praises. Heard about the people who do yoga to find the secrets of body! Heard about religious scriptures explaining how to become God like! Nanak says those who miss God are always content. Page 3 The sins and sufferings are eradicated by reciting the name of God. ||9|| Heard about people who speak the truth, are content, have knowledge of God. Heard about people that go to pilgrimages to bathe to become divine! Heard about people achieving higher status by acquiring higher education! Heard about people get contentment by concentration! Nanak says those who miss God are always content. The sins and sufferings are eradicated by reciting the name of God. ||10|| Heard about people having every quality. Heard about scholars, spiritual teachers and emperors! Heard about people who guide the ignorant! Heard about people with divine knowledge! Nanak says those who miss God are always content. The sins and sufferings are eradicated by reciting the name of God. ||11|| No one can explain thevirtues of God. If anyone tries will repent later! There is not enough paper or pen to write about God. People do talk about God in congregation. The taste of reciting the name of God is such. One who gets it; is the only one who knows it. ||12|| To realize God is just to straighten the mind. If anyone can do it can solve the mystery of the universe. Those who miss God do not have to repent. They become immortal. They do not die again. The taste of reciting the name of God is such. One who gets it; is the only one who knows it. ||13|| If you start missing God, nothing can stop you. Instead it guides you gracefully. Those who miss God do not worship anyone else. Those who miss God talk about God and spirituality only. The taste of reciting the name of God is such. One who gets it; is the only one who knows it. ||14|| Those who miss God attain salvation. Their families also get the benefit. Those who miss God achieve salvation and guide the followers to achieve salvation as well. Nanak says those who miss God do not have to beg door to door. The taste of reciting the name of God is such. One who gets it; is the only one who knows. ||15|| Those who miss God are accepted, bestowed higher status by God. They are respected in God’s court. They are respected in king’s courts. They have only one resolve; to miss God by the grace of a guru. Someone may think and talk about God. There is no limit to God’s deeds. The soul can only be cleansed by the grace of God. God created the creation with patience and systematically. Is it true and someone knows the weight of earth and someone is carrying it! The earth is too big to be carried by someone. Who is so strong to be able to carry the weight of the earth? This is how society satisfies its ego. Everyone writes the way he thinks about it. Only he can write about God; who knows how much there is to write. How much strength and technique someone has? How much food someone eats to be able to carry the earth! God commanded once and the universe was created. Many species were born from that. Who has the knowledge to understand and explain the nature? I admire Thee. Whatever pleases You is a good deed. O my Lord; You always care for everything! ||16|| There are many techniques and ways of reciting the name of God. People do many types of worship and meditation to become divine. Countless scriptures are recited to learn about God. Many use different methods to detach themselves from the world.Page 4 Countless devotees contemplate the ways to become divine. Countless are truthful, countless are those who give awns! Countless are the brave warriors who are always ready to perform. Many are sitting quiet and meditating. Who knows about the nature? I admire Thee. Whatever pleases You is a good deed. O my Lord; You always care for everything. ||17|| There are many ignorant who are spiritually blind. There are many thieves and embezzlers. Countless impose their will by force. Countless cut throat and kill. Countless sinners keep committing sins. Countless liars keep telling lies. Countless feel pain of bad deeds. Countless become sinners by slandering others. Humble Nanak says by witnessing. I admire Thee. Whatever pleases You is a good deed. O my Lord, You always care for everything ||18|| People call God by many names and use many different ways to realize God. There are many knowledgeable ones. Many say that you can become divine by the knowledge of mind. People call God by different names and worship different ways. People talk about God their own way and explain virtues of God their own way. People write about God differently, talk about God differently. What they think, they write about God. Whoever writes, does not understand. Whatever He guides them, they understand that much only. Whatever knowledge anyone achieves is due to missing God. No one understands anything without missing God. All I can say about nature is! I admire Thee. Whatever pleases You is a good deed. O my Lord, You always care for everything. ||19|| If hands feet or body become dirty! You can remove the dirt washing with water. If clothes become dirty. You can clean them by washing with soap. If the mind becomes dirty with sins. It can only be cleansed by the dye of the name of God. No one stops you from doing good or bad. Whatever you do is recorded automatically. As you sow so shall you reap? Nanak says birth and death take place with His command. ||20|| By going to pilgrimage doing meditation being considerate by giving awns. If you get any recognition it does not mean you have become divine. If it has captured your mind by hearing or by saying the name of God! The mind and soul get cleansed. All virtues are Your, I have none. Cannot miss God without doing good deeds! Whatever I am saying is with your blessing. You are sacred and beautiful. I always enjoy reciting Your name. What was the time, the moment? What was the day, and what was the date? What were the season and the month, when the universe was created? The Pandits (scholars) would not have found it even if it was written in Vedas, Puraanas (scriptures). The Qazis would not have known either even if it was mentioned in Quran. The yogis do not know the day or the month or the season. God who created the creation is the only one who knows when it was created. How can I say and admire? How can I understand and explain? Page 5. Nanak also says what everyone else says. Everyone claims to be wiser than the next. God is great. His name is greater. Everything happens by His grace. Nanak says if anyone claims that he knows how the universe was created, is not appreciated in God’s court. ||21|| There are hundreds of thousands of earths and skies. Many have exhausted the means of searching. Vedas are unable to describe; some scriptures say, 1800. God who created them knows the count. You understand it if God bestows, if not then you cannot understand. Nanak says, admire Thee. He only understands Him. ||22|| I can only admire. I do not know any more than that. You only find out when you deal with it. As rivers flow into the ocean and find out the vastness of ocean. The ocean is very large and full of precious jewels. Knowing all this has no value if it does not quench your thirst. ||23|| God is beyond praise and talking about. Endless are His actions endless are His gifts. No limit to seeing his creation and hearing about it. Cannot understand the secrets of the carefree! Cannot understand how God created the universe. No end to the boundaries of his creation. Many are struggling to understand the secrets of his creation. Still cannot unlock the mystery. No one can know the limits of it. The more you say more there is to say. God is great. His power is greater. He is great. His name is greater. If someone is as great as God! Then only he can understand Him. God only knows His greatness. Nanak says if you understand anything. It happens by His grace only. ||24|| You get credit for what you earn. God does not change the result of your deeds. Many warriors are begging for God’s grace. Cannot count how many more are begging. Many let their horses run wild. Many receive gifts and then deny receiving. Many ignorant keep asking for more and more. Some are always suffering the pain of hunger and greed. It also happens with God’s grace. Salvation is attained by the grace of God. No one else has any say in it. If someone says any different! He only knows what happens to him or her. He knows all and gives accordingly. Only a few understand it. One who achieves God’s blessing. Nanak says he or she has achieved everything. ||25|| Priceless is God’s grace. To achieve His grace is also priceless. Those who miss God are priceless. What they achieve is also priceless. God gives God takes away. If God thinks you worthy of it then He guides you. God’s code of conduct and the court of justice are priceless. The weights and measures of justice are absolutely correct. Priceless are the ways of God’s grace. Priceless are His deeds and command. His deeds grace and virtues cannot be explained. Many have tried in vain. It is mentioned in the scriptures. The scholars read, explain and preach also. Demy gods talk about God. Page 6. The prophets and their followers talk about God. Shiva and mystics talk about God. Many scholars talk about God. The demons, the demy gods speak about God. The gods, warriors, saints, public servants talk about God. Many more talk about God. Many have left this world after trying to explain God. As many as have talked about God, that many more will yet do so. Even then, they cannot describe Him. Whatever pleases Him that is how it happens? Nanak says God only knows about it. If anyone talks about God with his ego! He shall be called the ignorant of ignorant! ||26|| What kind of door and house is where God sits and administers everything? Many divine tunes are played there and there are many who play them. Many divine songs are sung in love and there are many who sing them. Air water fire; sing your praises. The justice of destiny sings your praises. Those who read minds, who write and preach religion, sing your praises. Shiva, Brahma and the Goddesses, who are perceived as gods and worshipped by others, sing your praises. Kings seated on their throne, along with theirs courtiers worship you. The mystics sing Your praises in trance; humble devotees sing Your praises. The celibates, the truthful, the content and great warriors worship You. The scholars sing Your praises by reading from the scriptures from ages. The enchanting heavenly beauties that can captivate hearts sing Your praises. Those in heaven and the fish deep in ocean sing Yourpraises. Your precious jewels (devotees) sitting at places of worship sing your praises. The brave warriors sing Your praises. The four sources of creation sing Your praises. The planets, solar systems and galaxies, created by You sing Your praises. In essence those who miss You can do so with Your grace only. Your devotees dyed in Your tint sing Your praises. Many more worship You whom I do not remember. What else can Nanak say? God is omnipresent. It is true there is God and will always be true. He who created the creation, is, will be, neither gone nor will go. The way God thought correct, that is how He created the creation. He creates and checks for quality, the way it feels perfect to Him. He does whatever He pleases. No one can order Him. Nanak says! God the emperor of emperors is happy in Himself. ||27|| Be content, humble, and dye your mind with the tint God’s name. Try your utmost by keeping faith in the process of missing God. Respect everyone, guide and conquer your mind. Who conquers the mind conquers the world. Listen; my friend listen. God exists from beginning, sacred, beyond imagination and destruction; will always remain the same. ||28|| God the fountain of knowledge and treasure of mercy; resides in everyone. He owns and controls everything. The taste of mysticism is something else. The world is run by gain and loss. you get what you earn. Page 7. Listen; my friend listen. God exists from beginning, sacred, beyond imagination and destruction; will always remain the same. ||29|| God created the creation such a way that He cares for those! Who earn, care for and miss Him. The way He thinks right, that is how He commands and runs the creation. The strange thing is that He watches your activities but you cannot see Him! Listen; my friend listen. God exists from the beginning, sacred, beyond imagination and destruction; will always remain the same. ||30|| God is omnipresent and cares for everything. Everything, every system is created with one command. The Creator checks the quality after creating. Nanak says, God created everything thoughtfully and flawless. Listen; my friend listen. God exists from beginning, sacred, beyond imagination and destruction; will always remain the same. ||31|| If you have the unlimited number of tongues! Repeat His name millions of times with each tongue! This is how divinity is achieved. It is a very difficult task. Everyone cannot do it. Nanak says it happens only by God’s grace. The liars boast by telling lies. ||32|| Cannot achieve divinity by talking or by being quiet! Cannot become divine by giving awns or begging! Cannot become divine by living or dieing! Cannot become divine by being a king or wealthy! It’s like building a castle in the air. Cannot become divine by concentrating or discussing about God! Cannot straighten your mind by giving up worldly pleasures! He, who has the grace of bestowing, is the only one who can do it. Nanak says God does not differentiate between one and the other. ||33|| God created the day night season lunar and solar calendars. Air water fire and the underworld! Created the earth in the middle for the creation to flourish! Created many species many ways systematically! They are many of different variety and are called by different names. Every individual is judged by the deeds he performs. God is truthful and true is His court. Those with good deeds are respected there. God blesses them. Good or bad deeds are differentiated there. Nanak says, you only can find out if you can go there; ||34|| The purpose of the religious centre is. To talk about and praise God! There are many galaxies with their own atmosphere. There are many prophets and gods. God created many species with their own features race and creed! It is said that the deeds performed at certain places are rewarded in the next world. There are many mountains. There are many schools of thought to give up worldly pleasures. There are many gods, moons and suns, many planets and countries. There are many mystics scholars saints and many temples of goddesses. There are many demons, gods and sages. Many jewel your devotees as well. Many females worthy of giving sacred birth! Many kings and kingdoms! Many ways of reshaping the mind and many followers as well! Nanak says There is no end to what all there is; ||35|| In places of Godly learning, people talk about spirituality only. Many different ways and means are adopted to cleanse the soul. Page 8. The aura of reality where God considers you worthy of his grace is? How transformation takes place is beyond imagination and comprehension. What happens there cannot be described. One who tries to explain will regret later. Intelligence, learning, mind and knowledge are shaped there. Supreme knowledge is taught there. ||36|| Where God’s grace is attained; only God’s name is recited there. Nothing else takes place there. Only great heroes reach there. Who have achieved divinity! In God’s realm there are many of many a kind. Cannot explain their creed or race! They die no more and cannot be cheated of it. Whose soul is dyed in God’s name! The devotees of God live there. They enjoy singing God’s praises. There is no evil in God’s realm. He creates, manages with His grace and enjoys fruit of His creation. There are planets, solar systems and galaxies with their own atmosphere. If anyone counts, there is no limit to it. There is life further and far beyond their own atmosphere. They function the way they have been designed to. He administers and enjoys watching the flawless function of His creation. Nanak says it is very difficult to explain. ||37|| Be stable, control your mind with patience like a goldsmith. Be humble like an anvil; repeat the name of God like the repetition of a hammer. Intent of giving like bellows and repeat the name of God from within, as fire gives heat. Make sincerity a pot; mint your mind with the name of God. That is how divinity is achieved. Blessed by God is the only one who can do this. Nanak says, only with God’s grace you can miss God and enjoy the fruit. ||38|| Hymn: Using air as a culture, life has been created by the reaction of water and earth. The way, day and night begin and end. Same way the whole creation takes birth and dies. Good or bad whatever they do are accounted for in God’s court. Everyone gets the fruit of their deeds, some soon others late. Whoever worked hard to recite the name of God? Nanak says, they have attained salvation and many more have accompanied them.
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