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A Third Of All Brit Men Cheat On Partners


Daily Times - Leading News Resource of Pakistan

A third of all Brit men cheat on partners

A new survey has found that a third of all British men have had affairs, and a quarter of women have been mistresses. The News of the World poll found that one in five married men don’t consider monogamy to be realistic, compared to one in eight women. Relationship psychologist Susan Quilliam said, “Men see prostitution as no more than a financial transaction. To them it’s a service without any emotional connection. They can keep the feelings they have for their wife or partner separate.” 75 percent of the people said that boredom was the main factor for cheating. Quilliam claims infidelity is on the rise because it has become easier to find people on social networking sites.

The survey’s findings are:

* One in three men have had affairs

* A quarter of women have had sex with married men

* One in five married men don’t consider monogamy realistic

* One in three women who cheat do so
with a colleague

* 20 percent of men don’t think sex with a prostitute is cheating

* 75 percent of people cheat because of boredom

* 13 percent of men found their mistresses
on Facebook

* 60 percent of people cheat to feel more attractive

* 14 percent of women aged 18-24 have fallen pregnant during an affair

* 25 percent of women admitted to being mistresses

* Seven percent of married men are cheating right now. agencies


Yet on forums I have seen punjabi sikh women and some british men say that how good white men are compared to Punjabi sikh men

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