A Sour Note

After trying hard to live the sikhi lifestyle, and also trying to have a healthy life in the sikhi community, i feel in a way... disappointed with the sikhi community.

When I first came into the community here in Vernon, some people said to me that community is friendly, and open minded. Well it has been anything except that. mostly, people simply avoid talking to me also take behind my back.

I had at one point almost made a few good friends, however, they have seem to have since started to avoid me, and not even return my calls. While I understand they are busy, why can't people jsut give me a phone call?

Anyways, i just move on in cases like this, I'm used to it enough that it really doesn't matter anymore.

Actually have a few friends online, however, it doesn't help that i am usually hundreds of mle saway from them.

Sometimes wonder if other converts and honest sikhi are lonely and rejected as well. It's not healthy to feel sorry for ones self, however, I worry that others go through this on a regular basis.

The sikhi community has left a sour note to me, so I guess I will just move on again...


Edit: And no, i'm not converting to another religion :)

Das is forwarding his phone number in India.see your PM.Das requests the same to DR Khalsa.

We are with you.AnywayDas told you to try to make freinds at Sikh-MARG "The Way Of Life" .Anyway Das will try to let some one from Gobind Sadan: Home contact you.But first let us talk.

in the latter site.We have good Sikh(s) who are from jewish or west background.But more population is in Isreal,East Europe and very little at USA(3HO guys had liange from them only).

It needs to be understood that,Sikh as lone is worth 125000.Das sometime also felt as he is Hindu Bihari convert and sometime had probelm to mix with Punjabis but when we have Guru Granth Sahib and Dasham Granth Sahib.We do not feel lonly.

But after becoming Sikh,das has made more of freinds in Muslims and Christians,which while being Hindu das hated.


dear friend LionChild

I understand what you mean to say and what yiu are going through

I although born in sikh family when actually started learning about Sikhism when I was living in london felt the same way

and I agree that even People born in Sikh family amy sometime feel lonely in their community as sincere follower are always few but still I think it is phase in your life and will pass away soon

I personally rely more on Online community and friends and rest of spare time i like spending about reading and listening to gurbani so I think as Vijaydeep mentioned Ou r Guru ji can turn out to be your most worthy friend .and in case online community is always available to you even on this forum !

So Cheer up man!! in coming days we are going to celebrate Birthday of Guru Nanak Dev Ji!! I hope it bring happines in your life

Jatinder singh
Thanks for the support, i was not trying to mention specific people or groups, this is just a general feeling. And when i said "moving on..." i'm not converting, just decided to look for sikh support elsewhere. Thanks.


Just look at the issue that ppl post here. "my parents will get upset cause my partner isn't from same caste"..."i want to learn about sikhism - i went to the local gurudwara but i felt so un welcomed..."i got told u have to a punjabi to be sikh".

Lionchild your luv is sikhism, you are moved by teachings of Guru Granth, msg of Guru Nanak. I personally wouldn't want anything to do with punjabi community - every gurudwara they run is a warzone. The fact is Sikhism for them is just going to gurudwara..having lungar and thats the end of it. Sikhs from punjab that i hv meet don't really even belive in Creator.

To be absolutely honest with you - you are gonna hv to face this or else keep your faith & friend circle two different things. My best mate is christian, good friends with a hindu guy. We make friends from our day to day life mate. I won't go out looking for friends in sikh community as such...yeah if i meet em on my routine of thing that i do great.

I am a Sikh or should i say at the moment student of Guru Granth. Guru Granth is my only spiritual Guru/Teacher. I like what it says about the creator, the creation itself. The science and cosmology that is mentioed in Guru Grath rather then fairy tale stuff.

This is just my 2cents worth man. It depends why someone is following a ceratin path in the 1st place - for the luv of it, out of admiration or just to fit in or get along with someone.
That s so true and lovely post Dmitri veer :)

Lionchild, I agree... Look upto the role model i.e. Guru Granth. Look for His support.