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A Simpleton Is A Jivanmukt

Jan 7, 2005
Metro-Vancouver, B.C., Canada
This Shabad is by Bhai Gurdaas Ji in Vaars Bhai Gurdaas on Pannaa 4

gur isKI gur isK sux AMdr isAwxw bwhr Bolw]
Sbd suriq swvDwn ho ivx gur sbd n suxeI Qolw]
siqgur drSn dyKxw swD sMgq ivc AMnw polw]
vwihgurU gur Sbd lY iprm ipAwlw cup clolw]
pYrIN pY pwKwk hoie crn Doie crxodk Jolw]
crx kvl icq Bvr kr Bvjl AMdr rhY inrolw]
jIvx mukiq scwvw colw ]ñ÷]

gur sikhee gur sikh sun a(n)dhar siaanaa baahar bholaa||
shabadh surath saavadhhaan ho vin gur sabadh n sunee thholaa||
sathigur dharashan dhaekhanaa saadhh sa(n)gath vich a(n)naa polaa||
vaahiguroo gur shabadh lai piram piaalaa chup chalolaa||
pairee(n) pai paakhaak hoe charan dhhoe charanodhak jholaa||
charan kaval chith bhavar kar bhavajal a(n)dhar rehai nirolaa||
jeevan mukath sachaavaa cholaa ||aa||

Listening to the teachings of the Guru, the Sikh becomes wise internally though apparently he looks a simpleton.
He with full care keeps his consciousness attuned to the Word and listens to nothing except the words of Guru.
He beholds the true Guru and without the company of the saints feels himself blind and deaf.
The Guru's word he receives is Vahiguru, the wondrous Lord, and remains silently immersed in delight.
He bows on the feet and becoming (humble) like dust goes on quaffing the nectar of the feet (of the Lord).
He remains involved like black bee in the lotus feet (of the Guru) and thus living in this world ocean remains unsmeared (by its water and dust).
His is life of a liberated one during the life on earth i.e. he is a jivanmukt'.


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