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A Short Story

Discussion in 'Blogs' started by Harry Haller, Oct 16, 2015.

  1. Harry Haller

    Harry Haller United Kingdom
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    Jan 31, 2011
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    Once upon a time there was a man, like many men, he was a pleasure seeker, that is all he knew, he tried to be kind, charitable, but his core, the very thing that defined him was pleasure, over the years the man rose, fell, rose again, and fell, the cycle continued for many many years, until one day he fell, and fell very very hard, there seemed no way out for the man, and as his way of reconciliation with his life was that in essence, life was cheap, he did the only thing that one does when life is cheap and ruined, he decided to throw his hand in, so, on a cold December day, he decided to break the cycle forever, looking at the trees, the wind, the skies, it seemed a good day to die, but die he did not, although it was undeniable that a part of him did, for after that day, the option of folding was denied to him, with this denial also comes the inability to live life in the fashion of the mad or the deranged, it all comes down to consequences, if you are dead already, then there are no consequences, no fear, death has already been faced and dealt with, but with the inability to embrace death, one has to deal with the consequences.

    The man changed his life, he dealt with the consequences, he knew fear, although the desire to seek pleasure was still there, so too was the knowledge of consequence, this resulted in a humility and a deep questioning as to the meaning of life, the man did good works, he helped people, lots of people, he settled into a relationship, but still the man was not happy, still the dreams of pleasure invaded his mind, still he felt unfulfilled, eventually the man met someone new, someone that made him happy, someone with whom he could reach the ecstasy of pleasure with, the man was happy, fulfilled, he had found ultimate pleasure with another person, he would do anything to hang on to it.

    After a month or so, walking back from his new love's home, dizzy with pleasure, with love, he found himself being followed by a figure, he slowed down, the figure slowed down, he sped up, the figure sped up, he turned round and walked towards the figure, a hooded figure in black, as he walked towards it, the figure lowered the hood, the man was greeted with a skull grinning at him, flames shot from empty eye sockets, lucifer himself, but why here, why now,

    'I've come to offer you a deal'
    'a deal?'
    'yes, your soul, I want your soul, and in return, you can have a lifetime of pleasure'
    they talked, the man and the devil, they talked for a long time, the deal was that the man could have his pleasure, provided he made his love happy, provided he became a father to her son, a daddy to her dogs, provided he took on the role of father, husband, provider, then the pleasure that had always eluded him, the pleasure he had been forced to seek in porn and in houses of ill repute, would always be his,

    'sign here' the devil grinned
    and he did, the man signed, became a responsible husband, a good father, a loving dog owner, and enjoyed the pleasures of love that had always eluded him, and life was good.

    Over the years, things changed, the responsibilities became more, harder, the pleasures less and less, the man became frustrated, this was not part of the deal, over the years the man retreated again to his mind, he lived two lives, he was back where he started, but not quite, because by this time, he had responsibilities, lots of responsibilities, and the living of two lives is never a good idea, in frustration and anger, he sat his love down and made a full and frank confession of where he wished to be, and how awful it felt to him to have ended up somewhere else, in one last effort, he decided to rid himself finally of the needs that had ruled his life, the honesty with his love helped, and so he found himself being a full time husband, father and dog owner, he found himself interested in the family life, he found that family life was its own reward and did not need a bribe, but the man was still sore, what sort of devil made a deal and did not keep to it, he had not signed up for this life, this was not the deal, he lived under a slight sufferance, life got better, but there was always an underlying sufferance that he could have lived he life he wished for, wanted.

    One day walking home late after a hard day at his work, exhausted, his head full of family problems, he found the same figure behind him again, furious he stormed up to it, lifted the hood and once again looked into the eyeless sockets, filled with flame,

    'you lied to me'
    'I never did'
    'you offered me a lifetime of pleasure, what sort of devil makes a deal then reneges on it?'
    'who said I was the devil?, yes I made a deal with you, yes I offered you a lifetime of pleasure, and now you have it, peace, contentment, responsibility, and your desire to constantly have sex has been replaced a by a desire to help people, animals, is is that which makes you happy now, the smile on your wifes face, the smile on your stepsons face, on your dogs, as you make them all happy, no cheap thrills for you my friend, I have kept my promise'

    And then the man realised that it was not the devil he had made a deal with, it was with God.
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