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Gurus A Protector Of Sikh Religion, Tenth Nanak


Feb 25, 2008
A Protector of Sikh Religion –Tenth Nanak

There are many books available written on or about Tenth Nanak which go anti Guru Gobind Singh ji even though some of are written in respectful language. The writings that do justice to Satguru ji are a few. Lala Doulat Rai’s (sahebe kmaal ), S. Harbans Singh( Guru Gobind Singh) and Rabinder Nath Tagore( Gobind Veera) are the ones whose works deserve respect on the basis of facts.
If all other literature written on Satguru is analyzed, it becomes obvious that the writers know little about Guru Nanak Gobind Singh Panth. Guru Grath Sahib Ji is not only a revered Guru of Sikhs but also a truthful testimony of Sikhism. Then there are biased writers whose works do not deserve even attention.

Writers with Brahmin mentality heard about some writings of Satguru and wrote some of their own, and subscribed them to Satguru;some of such examples are found in Dasam Granth. With so vast academic, military and religious enlightening merits, there is no way Satguru would have penned that kind of literature. I feel it has been a campaign against Satguru Panth by fundamentalist Hindus from the day one. You see, a religious trade was established at the time of Satguru and he started exposing it and declared that such practices wouldn’t be accepted by The creator by saying “ His language is love” contrary to religious trade( Sacha Sahib Sacha Nae bhakhya bhaao Apaar-4 Jap Jji.) The author of Sattyaarth called Satguru an uneducated one who boasted before uneducated people about his knowledge of Sankrit by writing in Sanskrit.( Dr. Sahib Singh Ji GGD) The fool didn’t realize that the Satguru didn’t care a bit about Sanskrit and revealed Gurbani in Punjabi and a dialect Sehskriti not Sanskrit. Some time under the spell of ego people act like stupid.

After Satguru heavenly abroad, India went into political turmoil. Moguls turned against Sikhs and fundamentalist Hindu like Lakhpat Rai did all their best to eliminate Sikhs by declaring “ A khatri started this and I , a khatri, will end it.” Due to extreme level persecution, some fought back but due to heavy army attacks Sikhs took refuge in Jungles. Sikhs were singled out to kill. That period shows why Sikhs couldn’t produce literature about Sikhism and Guru Sahbaan. That was right time to write genuine literature but unfortunately it was missed. That time was taken by pro Brahmanism to distort Gurbani and Sikh history as much as they could. True Sikhs wouldn’t be able to have good education as it happens during civil war in any country. That void did such a big damage to Sikhs that still today they are struggling to clean up the mess. Writings by pundit Shibbar, Koer Singh and others did their best to make a mockery of Sikhs in this regard. A book by Sohan Singh Seetal “ Sikh Itihas de some” can alone prove what I have just said above. Let’s take example of Sonepat, a mann by surname, was one of Poets Satguru and he had been there during his stay at Anandpur Sahib. He doesn’t show any Brahmin influence but imagine, even having lived close by Satguru, he wrote some things proved to be fictional. Why? Answer can be found in the systematic mental influence put by fundamentalists Hindus on Sikh thinking during that period; possibly he accepted hearsay without verification just to boast. Even today, haven’t they got pictures of Guru Sahiban directly coming from lotus? There was a try to install Guru Granth Sahib in Hindu Temples. Give me a break, Guru Granth Sahib ji apposes stone worshipping and you are trying to install it next to your deity. Then they keep saying that Sikhs are Hindus. Why and how? Give me one example from Guru Granth Sahib that supports that, in fact, there is a declaration in IT that Sikhs are not Hindus. Even today, Hindu marriage act is applicable on Sikhs. It is long story I shall cut it and come to the point.
I was discussing how Brahmanism was filtering slowly into Sikhism. Satguru knew about all this. He did two major things to protect Sikhism, asked the Sikhs to bear arms and gave Gurgaddi to Guru Granth Sahib. He didn’t add a single stanza of his own authorship in Guru Granth Sahib Ji. He was well aware of conspiracy in action since Satguru Nanak. S Sikhs should stick to what he said. He honoured The Aad Granth as Guru person.

Hindus like Mr. Gandhi also tried to question Satguru’s bearing of arms. No knowledge about spirituality, no knowledge of Gurbani, and the guy just showed his own mentality saying that Guru Gobind Singh was a lost patriotic ignoring what Rabindra Nath wrote about Satguru in his time. I wonder why such people need support to walk with the help of women at that age! It is just laughable that such a man could dare to say that about Satguru Gobind Singh ji. He lost all respect I build during my childhood for him. Later on I understood the reason behind this too. Once for all let me tell these scholars of various branches that Satguru Gobind Singh ji was fully aligned with Satguru Nanak and practiced and preached Nanak panth. He was The Nanak. He never married second time, Mata Jeeto and Mata Sundri was the same person or prove to me otherwise historically. Mata Sahib Kaur when refused to leave Anandpur Sahib, she was just honoured with the title of Mata of khalsa. Bearing weapons was a call of the time and protection was extremely in need. If he wished he could have acquired area of Hills – kings (whom he defeated repeatedly), and have established friendly relationship with moguls; however, he didn’t. Why? Because he was a spiritual king representing Satguru Nanak as 10 the form. He was not a monastic like Mr. Gandhi. The reason I am writing this is simple, people who are biased keep spreading rumors about Satguru and saying that Satguru Gobind Singh worshipped durga or chandi. Why would he do it? There is no proof of it; there is no logic behind that claim; the writings which are quoted are by fundamentalists Hindus in this favour, bear no ground. In a letter of victory written to the emperor, Satguru asked him if he was sincere to his own faith( Islam) because he (emperor) took side with the people who are idol worshippers against him (Satguru) who disregarded that practice. In those days some Brahmins filtered into Sikh community under false name like today’s CIA to mislead others. Then they quote Dasam Granth. Well, they also got a little help from ignorant Sikhs who are blind and still accept Dasam Granth totally authored by Satguru. In fact, fully it is not. Dr. Jaggi in his “ Dasm granth da kritive”, systematically proved beyond any doubt that it is not proved with logic and historical facts that Dasam Granth belongs to Satguru in its totality. Save for some writings, the rest are authored by different individuals. Lakeer de faqeer scared Dr Jaggi and he changed his position. What is going on? Once one proves scientifically then says “oh” So examples given from there to call Satguru worshiper of Chandi or Durga are ridiculous and unacceptable to Sikhs. Satguru kept Nanak House intact and protected it by sacrificing every thing he possessed. Influenced by Brahmin thinking, and having determined minds not to open up and see the truth by following Satguru Nanak; there are some Sikhs who have become more danger to Guru Nanak Gobind Singh panth than any outsider because outsiders give their examples to justify their fabricated stories from Dasam Granth. Satguru would not teach his followers to refrain from extramarital affairs by describing it with strong sexual contents. Can we recite whole Dasam Granth while being in the presence of our mothers, sisters and daughters? Answer is Big No. Some writings are mixed with Satguru’s compositions to malign Satguru. A deep down conspiracy is obvious. As they say if your own family is turned against you, leave to The Almighty. No historical facts or scientific approach can justify what the Brahmins are propagating about Satguru Gobind Singh; In fact Tenth Nanak, protected his religion in his tenth form. That is what History proves.

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