UK A Pound For A Pound

Tejwant Singh

Jun 30, 2004
Henderson, NV.
A pound for A pound​

Congratulations to all my Brit friends! They have a new potential Monarch.

The name still unknown but you can bet on it, literally speaking. In fact the new born The Prince of Cambridge is number 3 in line.

Some people are not only born with a silver spoon but also with a Royal Crown dangling on their heads unlike made of some flimsy cardboard in any kid’s birthday party.

The baby bump that Princess Kate had, forced Prince Harry to bump down to number 4, a demotion in any rank. As the pressure is off a bit, we can see Prince Harry streaking more often in Las Vegas not in too distant future.

A thought comes to mind, what if it were a Princess of Cambridge rather than The Prince? Would the third heiress to the throne create the same gleefulness in the streets of the UK?

According to the Daily Mail, “Bets on the date of birth were suspended earlier today by bookmaker William Hill, and when bets on the gender were suspended, odds on it being a girl were at 8/15, and odds on a boy stood at 11/8. Odds with Coral this morning wrongly predicted a girl, with odds of 1-2, while the odds on a boy stood at 6-4”. It shows the odds for a girl being born were a bit more.

Does it show reality or just betting on the odds for the sake of making some quids?

If it were a princess, would she join the armed forces, would she be sent off to the freshly invaded countries to show her prowess or would she stay at home playing with her custom made doll house?

We rarely see the princesses of the royals anywhere around except when the pictures of their club hopping are snapped by the paparazzi.

We all know how then Princess Elizabeth became the Queen Elizabeth II of the commonwealth. She was also number three on the succession ladder like the new Prince of Cambridge, a mere coincidence.

Had her uncle King Edward VIII not abdicated the throne because of his love to a divorced American socialite Wallis Simpson, the new Prince of Cambridge would not stand any chance of becoming the potential King and the same would go for his father and for his aging grandfather.

Had King George VI had a son after her, he would have been the King instead.

Lastly, if King George VI had not issued letters patent (a type of legal published written order), one month before the birth of Prince Charles, thus allowing Princess Elizabeth's children to use the title of a royal prince or princess to which they were not entitled to, because their father was not a royal prince; no one knows what the history of the British Royalty would be today.

Prince Phillips was the prince of Greece and Denmark before his marriage. He had to renounce both titles and convert into an Anglican after having been baptized in the Greek Orthodox Church as a baby.

In fact his 3 sisters who were married into a German royalty (some historians claim their Nazi links), were not invited to his wedding to Princess Elizabeth on November 20th, 1947 because of the fresh wounds of the World War II.

These are the historical twists of the Royal Family of Great Britain which shaped them what they are today.

We all know the recession which almost mirrored the same during the time of Princess Elizabeth’s wedding, thanks to the austerity measures forced upon the Brits by the Government as a supposed magic pill which turned into some bitter placebo with the negative growth.

With some sense forced upon them by the US Federal banking system, the economy is beginning to move forward a bit. The positive thing is, as UK not being part of the Eurozone can print its own currency and inject it into the market to stabilise the economy from the breaking halt.

Besides that, the birth of the Prince of Cambridge brought with him the golden goose with already laid eggs.

By the conservative estimates, the new prince will generate at least 300 million pounds in the UK to boost its economy and that is just a starter.

Soon after the Christening of his name, we will see everything named after Prince “George” (please do not confuse it with Boy George) from baby formulas, tableware, giftware, bibs to “Georgie Nappies”. The gold mine of this memorabilia has not scratched the surface yet.

This 8 Pounds 6 ounces of weight of The Prince of Cambridge is worth every Pound for the economy of the country that desperately needs it.

Welcome, The Prince of Cambridge. You are our gravy train that we can ride on and we are thankful to you for that. You have no idea how much we needed this ride.

God save the 3rd in line.
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