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A Place To Earn


Jun 1, 2004
We often tend to measure our achievements in monetary terms. We are so proud of our worldly possessions that we don’t look even an inch beyond those. We restrict our success to the amount of wealth we have, or the number of luxury items we own. But remember even someone as great as Alexander the Great had to go away empty handed from this world and he wished to show to the world this fact by wishing to keep his hand out of his coffin. We fail to realize that we should not measure our wealth by the money we possess but by those things which we won’t give away even for money. These are the precious relationships and the memories that we cherish forever.

We measure our earnings by the amount of our salaries. But there are other important things we earn in our lifetime and it is those things that stay with us throughout our lives and some even stay back after our span on this earth has ended! You must have judged by now what I want to say: it is the place we earn for ourselves in society. But I must mention here that it is not something related to our socio-economic status or the status related our profession. Rather it is the place that we earmark for ourselves in others’ hearts.

Our actions either make or mar our personality. We can either soothe a heart with warm words or simply add to its woes with piercing words. And it is but obvious which words continue to stay on after we cease to exist! The other aspect is as a proverb goes ‘our actions speak louder that our words’. We make a mark in this world with whatever we do. We continue to etch on new marks with each passing day rather with each passing moment. The blank pages won’t be rewarded, neither would the badly scribbled be. So the best approach is to write the pages of life beautifully so that we are rewarded in the end for our brilliant performance.

So how do we come to know that we have earned a place for ourselves? Is it possible to realize in our lifetime? Or do we have to die before coming to know about it? Of course, it is possible that we have clear proofs of the coveted place that we have for ourselves. Let us take a very simple example. Sometimes it happens that a person blames a man for a misdoing. The accused is innocent in that case and he is being blamed just because the person has a personal grudge against him. Now in this case if the accused has a reputation attached with him, he won’t need to prove his innocence; other people would speak up for him. Now this is a place we all would want to earn!
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