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Inspirational A MUST WATCH VIDEO: Bhakti Vich Shakti. Guru Diyan Faujan Ne Kita Kamal


It's great. But they are really pushing the limits here. Not limits of shocking. But limits of human endurance hehe. I hope they don't end up with a major accident. They always keep on increasing the intensity of performance every time.


1947-2014 (Archived)
Never saw such and this is the first time. They deserve a lot of credit for their preparation and skill. The are amazing. Just hoping that Bir Khalsa is not supposed to convey that Khalsa are imbued with Bir Shakti and romanticizes the khalsa as a martial race... and misses that part.... the sant part... or misses the message...the one of Guru Nanak.


I am quite doubtful ,that how much of the bir Khalsa performance is Authentic? What they are doing could kill any of the participants and I don't think any Tv channel or programme producer would want to take that risk.

Anyway still good publicity and especially in South India:redturban: