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A Gursikh

Discussion in 'Sikh Sikhi Sikhism' started by singhbj, May 21, 2008.

  1. singhbj

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    Nov 4, 2007
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    Once, a King went to see Guru Gobind Singh jee. He was in the court

    of Guru Gobind Singh jee and while going to retire Guru jee saw the

    King and stopped by the place he was sitting. He said to the King, "O

    Sikh, I am happy to see you here. Ask what you want and your wish

    will be fulfilled". Upon this the King who was already rich, asked

    Guru Gobind Singh jee to shower his blessings (Kirpa) on him (so

    that he could be progressive spiritually as well). Guru Gobind Singh

    jee then looked at another Sikh and then turned to the King as asked

    him, "So should I turn you into a Sikh like him, Nihal Singh who is

    standing over there". The King for a moment saw Nihal Singh and

    thought in his mind that has the Guru gone crazy. Nihal Singh does

    not look in right state as his clothes were all shabby and the spade to

    which cow dung was sticking was on his shoulders and he smelled

    awful. The King asked the Guru that if he was showing his mercy

    (Kirpa) or his anger (Keher) by turning him (a King) into a person

    like Nihal Singh (peasant).

    Then Guru Gobind Singh jee called Nihal Singh and also said to him,

    "O Sikh, I am happy to see you here. Ask what you want and your

    wish will be fulfilled". Upon this Nihal Singh too asked Guru Gobind

    Singh jee to shower his blessings (Kirpa) on him. Guru Gobind Singh

    jee then looked at the King and then turned to Nihal Singh as asked

    him, "So should I turn you like that King who is standing over there.

    Upon this Nihal Singh humbly with folded hands asked the Guru that

    if he was showing his mercy (Kirpa) or his anger (Keher) on him by

    turning him into a person like the King.

    Hearing this, the King was amazed. He thought that Nihal Singh

    would be glad to accept the Guru's offer to turn him into a King, but

    Nihal Singh was not happy to be a King like him. Then the Guru

    explained to the King. He said, "O King, you thought Nihal Singh to

    be an ordinary man, but he is nothing ordinary. He is a devout Sikh

    who has a lots of Sewa and Simran behind him and he is in the

    blissful state of being one with the Almighty. When I asked you that

    should I turn you into a person like Nihal Singh, what I meant was

    spiritually. But O King, you only saw Nihal Singh's outer appearance

    and though you also wanted to achieve the blissful state but you could

    not recognize that Nihal Singh was in that state and you thought that

    I am going to turn you into a peasant. On the other hand, Nihal Singh

    when was offered to be turned into a King got scared that he will lose

    his Sewa and Simran by becoming a King as he might get pride in his

    head, thus he declined to become a King and leave his state of

    blissfulness because once you reach that state, nothing entices you

    any more. The king felt real sorry for judging Nihal Singh just by what

    he looked and asked Guru jee for his forgiveness.

    DMn gurU DMn gurU ipAwry[


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  3. pk70

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    Feb 25, 2008
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    Singh bj ji

    Story is imaginative but highly symbolic, will you please elaborate on its symbolic meaning, your effort will be appreciated.
  4. versha

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    Feb 20, 2012
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    Indeed only WAHEGURU JI'S sewa and simran are best way to live life it gives u peace of mind tht nothing else seems important not money not status nothing but the hope of uniting with ALMIGHTY but not everyone can understand tht. it is truly said he is all knowing yet he tests us to see if we still hold faith in him. Truly heart touching share...

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