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A German Sikh's Journey

Sikhism A German Sikh's Journey 2019-04-04

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Jun 1, 2004
Aman Singh submitted a new resource:

A German Sikh's Journey - Thus I heard word about Sikhs for the first time...

During the 1990s I had a friend who kept an Indian store. Conspicuously often handsome young Indian men with their German wives – who could have been their mothers – frequented this store. But what did astonish me was this huge difference on the surface: on the one hand these attractive men, their less beautiful wives on the other. “I don't get it. How is that?” I asked my friend.
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Oct 29, 2010
Read the document with interest. She is a remarkable lady with significant knowledge of Sikh history and possibly Guru Nanak's teachings.
Right through reading two questions were uppermost only mind:
1. What were her sources of information (I have not read any of her books yet)
2. Do Sikhs, she encountered, consider her as a threat as she is using Western name which majority of us consider counter Sikhi (I say majority- I have also read Seyd Prithipal Singh's accounts in Taajudin's Diary, where it is recorded that first Guru Nanak's martyr was Rukan-ud-din as Guru Nanak had told him he had no religion)
The reason sources matter, I believe, most of us now know that there are highly suspect documents around to discredit Guru Nanak and rest of the Gurus and Sikhi as we know it. It has taken me over six years to unravel that. So if the lady's beautiful stories are taken from suspect documents we are perpetuating the confusion.
I can fully agree with her that people adding conditions like 'condemning Indra Gandhi' should form the Basis of help is no less than bullying- not a Sikh trait.
I also think she had sussed the majority of Sikhs out- I won't repeat all here - suffice to say that we ride on the achievements of our Gurus and Martyrs and I believe converts to Sikhi are possibly better to judge us.
I will try to read her books in due course.

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