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Sikh News A Dream In Doubt


Feb 12, 2009
A DREAM IN DOUBT is an immigrant story of survival as a wave of deadly hate crimes terrorizes the Sikh American community in Phoenix, Arizona. The film features Rana Sodhi, an Indian immigrant whose life is forever altered by the 9/11 terror attacks, not because he knew someone who died in the rubble, but because Rana’s turban and beard now symbolize America’s new enemy. Rana’s eldest brother was America’s first post-9/11 hate crime murder victim, and other attacks on Sikhs close to Rana soon follow. The film follows Rana as he seeks vindication for the murders by working to educate fellow Phoenix-area residents about hate crimes; acting as the spokesman for his family and the Sikh community; running his gas station to support his family; and, most importantly, attempting to guard his own school-aged children bullying and harassment. A DREAM IN DOUBT tells a personal story of national tragedy, murder, family, community, and the American Dream.

Watch the Full Movie here:
Dream in Doubt - Watch the Documentary Film for Free - SnagFilms

YouTube - INDEPENDENT LENS | A Dream in Doubt | PBS



1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
RRSING ji, This is good. Thank you. The part that is the best -- he is vindicating by teaching, even though he does not know if it will work out. He trusts himself, he trusts his value. Wonderful -- today of all days I need to hear this kind of thing.


Feb 25, 2008
Two innocent lives have been taken by limited mental capacities of the ignorant. Still stands in his Sikh Bana, a Sikh with undefeated conviction and faith:star:

Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
Jul 4, 2004
Two innocent lives have been taken by limited mental capacities of the ignorant. Still stands in his Sikh Bana, a Sikh with undefeated conviction and faith:star:
IGNORANCE, Racial bigotry..racial violence, misunderstanding...the KKK types, the SkinHeads, those who thrive on such narrow mindedness will ALWAYS be around..
The Jews..the IRISH...the Germans..the Japanese..the Chinese..and the BLACKS underwent such oppression and hatred for a very long time in the WEST...countless ones must have died, suffered life long mental torute etc...tarred and feathered cross burnings, bricks through windows...

EDUCATION is the ANSWER...LOVE in return for HATRED is the ANSWER.
This is the correct approach..not retreat into ones ghettos.

The KHALSA faced all enemies face to face..never running away, never retreating..never LOSING. WE have a glorious Background - 18th Century India whereby each leaf of each tree/busg in Punjab was our enemy..baying for SIKH BLOOD..but we TRIUMPHED !!
Here too we will TRIUMPH.


Jun 5, 2005
Los Angeles, CA
I love this film for the strength of message it gives about being Sikh. Here is a family that could be bitter but instead gives hope and love as an answer of life.

I have encouraged those that had not seen it to try to get a copy or flood their local PBS station with requests for this film to air again.

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