Spiritual A Dream Come True. And A Spiritual Experience Along With It!

Discussion in 'Blogs' started by Harkiran Kaur, Jun 19, 2017.

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    I am currently residing in Srinagar, Kashmir, and yesterday took part in Goonja Virsay Diya which was a Sikh cultural show. I participated in numerous ways leading up to it as my husband was one of the organizers... since I have a graphics background I created the event posters and invitation cards, I designed their sewadars logo and the certificates given to the participants. I also got to be sole editor on a documentary about the Kabali raid in 1947. They had interviewed a few survivors who told their heartbreaking stories... stories of loss of life, abductions of women, etc. It was humbling to be part of that. Anyway in. Only 24 hours I was able to put together the entire documentary including recording my husbands voice overs. Anyone who has ever done video editing knows it's not simply just importing video and you're done. You have to clip key parts, put voice overs with vis in between, add soundtracks, animation, effects etc. Anyway I got to see it on the big screen in the theatre! It was definitely an experience to see my work played on big screen with state of the art sound system!!

    And that leads me to the other major thing I did! I performed for the first time in front of 500 people on stage doing Simran and then a shabad. Along with my three nieces. I should mention I have always had severe stage fright even though I can sing quite well and play guitar. I have always stuck to small groups like family and friends. Now yesterday I sang and played guitar on stage in front of 500 people and heard it through a production theatre quality sound system. And that had a profound effect on me. I somehow got to the end of the shabad and realized I couldn't recall if so had done the last part! I seriously lost track of time, reality, I went somewhere else! So I had to make quick decision to end the shabad there or chance doing the same part twice and then everyone would know I just blanked out. So I ended it wondering until I saw he video later in the evening, did we do that part or not and yes we did.... I just don't recall it at all. I saw myself on the video singing it, eyes closed and I don't remember that at all!!!!
    I was not nervous at all. It wasn't nerves. I just got so caught up in the experience and the Simran and the shabad that I went somewhere.... else.

    Here are a couple pics, I can't upload the video right now as Kashmir once again is restricting internet speed to dissuade militants from uploading inflammatory videos. :( I'll upload it though when I can.

    IMG_1313.JPG IMG_1311.JPG
    I'm on guitar / leading vocals (the higher part in the Simran once we split)

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    Blissful rendition! :mundahug:
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    Very beautiful, well done.
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    Great! May God bless you with many more eternal blissful moments through dedicated meditation..
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    Guru Fateh.
    It is not about the dream comes true for you. It is rather having a dream and realising it with hard work, love, and dedication. In other words, the dream was the inner plan even before becoming a gorgeous Singhni. It must have started a waaaaay back.
    Kudos to you.
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