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India A Conspiracy Of Silence In The Punjab

The first saabat surat Sikh French citizen of Indian origin S Pal Singh is in custody of Punjab Police and there is complete silence on the issue by all political parties claiming to watch Sikh interests and all religio-social organisations claiming to be thekedar of Sikhi. The silence is deafening !

This is the same Pal Singh on whose suggestion SGPC announced it would send a delegation to France on the issue of turban ban is French schools. It is the same Pal Singh who met Prime Minister Manmohan Singh after a thorough security check by central agencies to plead taking up the turban issue with the French Prime Minister Sarcozy . Why is he being ditched by the community ? Where is the voice of Sikhs in Punjab

According to media sources Pal Singh was picked up by the Punjab Police on 17th July and let off the next day. On 22nd July he was again picked up by Punjab police and taken to unknown place. His Canada-based daughter wrote to the French Embassy on 24th July informing them about her missing father.

On 26th July a habeas corpus petition was filed in Punjab and Haryana High court and the following day the Punjab police admitted to arresting Pal Singh under pressure. On 28th July Punjab police went to Pal Singh’s house in village Dhadowal (30 km from Shahpur in Jalandhar district) taking him along , had a sumptuous dinner there and came back with the story of having recovered 15 kg RDX and some dangerous arms and ammunition from his house on information provided by him ! Villagers are eye-witness to the fact that not even an inch of the ground was dug nor were any weapons recovered by the police. The police story is totally fabricated.

In another incident SSP (Senior Superintendent of Police) Patiala claimed that the militancy has roots in Malaysia but this claim was rejected by the Malaysian government. This deliberate branding of Sikhs living in Malaysia as terrorists too has gone unnoticed by the Sikh political parties and organisations.

One SSP claims that the Commonwealth Games to be held in New Delhi in October are on the target of Sikh militants and the DGP (Director General Police)of the Punjab police gave a contrary statement claiming there is no danger to Commonwealth Games. What action is taken against these erring police officer and why is there again silence on this issue ?

If even the SGPC and Jathedar Akal Takht are silent on accusations that are maligning the community and in particular middle-aged Sikhs like Pal Singh who are spending time in sikhi parchar and social work then who will speak for the community ? It does not augur well for the future of the Sikhs in Punjab.


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Early report of his arrest



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1947-2014 (Archived)
Vikram Singh ji

Let me start by saying that SPN has covered all of the stories you allude to above -- with editorial notes on most of them to the effect that more likely than not there is blatant manipulation of the press by the government.

The most transparent example is a news article in which the chief of police announced that Tat Khalsa had been identified as the source of terrorism in the title of the article; However in the body of the article Babbar Khalsa was mentioned and Tat Khalsa was not. Now we know that the two are not the same. When I wrote to the editor and questioned this glaring discrepancy I received a reply. The reply was that the paper was quoting what the police chief said verbatim -- though the editor knew that Tat Khalsa and Babbar Khalsa are two entirely different things. One is a movement, and one is a loosely structured organization that has taken many forms and guises over the years.

So rather than clarify reality, the paper went along with obfuscation.

Now we have three possible interpretations as to why there is next to no political pressure within Punjab on behalf of French citizen S Pal Singh: 1) there is no way to know what to believe because there is no accurate /trustworthy information (news is government controlled); 2) citizens are afraid to say or do anything because the consequences are uncertain; and 3) when Babbar Khalsa is under the scanner it is impossible to know who you are siding with from one moment to the next and thus take the path of prudence and wait.

Which Babbar Khalsa in other words? In June and July alone of 2010 there were 11 reported instances of illegal possession of explosives and weapons involving Babbar Khalsa cells in India and elsewhere. Are these these one and the same organization, loosely affiliated, or not connected at all? Are they self-proclaimed Babbar Khalsa or have they been so tagged by governments? And who do you believe when seeking answers to these questions?

It could be a conspiracy of silence. It could also be a conspiracy of noise. In other words, not enough comprehension because there is too much noise and no clear signal. The entire situation is maddening.
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1947-2014 (Archived)
Here is something else to think about. Arrested with S Pal Singh was Khulwant Singh, who it appears was tortured while in police custody. How does torture of "suspected terrorists" in any way contribute to the legitimate need of governments to combat terrorism? This only further weakens any government claims.

Does anyone know if there has been any recent contact with S Pal Singh? Has the French government any knowledge of his condition?

Cops ‘torture’ suspected terrorist

AMRITSAR: One of the five alleged terrorists caught with weapons and RDX, and accused of planning strikes in Punjab, has been hospitalized with grievous injuries. Doctors said the victim sustained injuries as he was subjected to electric shocks.

Dr Saurabh Dhanda of Guru Nanak Dev Hospital (GNDH) said the alleged terrorist, Kulwant Singh, was brought with injuries, which could have led to renal failure. “There were electric shock injuries on his ear and private parts. Kulwant’s stomach also had injuries owing to severe beating with batons,” he said.

Dhanda said his condition was still critical and there were no signs of recovery. He went on to state there was a need to put him on dialysis.

Read more: Cops ‘torture’ suspected terrorist - Chandigarh - City - The Times of India http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/...rrorist/articleshow/6264106.cms#ixzz0vzuz7ofO


So called sikhi `s protectors should take this up with UNO. There is no real freedom in India.
Instead of targetting prof Darshan Singh Ji, these BTF and BK people should talk about htese issues


1947-2014 (Archived)
ballym ji

Thanks for your suggestion. As per the concerns voiced in this thread, I appreciate ideas of international human rights organizations and agencies to contact.

So far only one international group has taken this up. It is Voices for Freedom. And the story of Pal Singh is their landing page story right now. Voices for Freedom is based in India and in Canada, and a few other countries.

It is remarkable that Sikh organizations in Punjab have not stepped forward. However under the circumstances it is not something I would criticize. There is no telling what larger agenda is on the horizon that would make anyone cautious.

We are advised that a friend of Pal Singh's family has been able to visit with him. He is very weak. At least we know that he is alive.

Every government has the obligation to protect its citizens against terrorism. However, governments fail to do that if evidence is not forthcoming. Without sound evidence terrorists flourish by projecting a false image as victims of unjust government. If indeed it is the case that Pal Singh is connected with a terrorist group (alleged to be Babbar Khalsa International or some variant as the case may be) the world and the family of Pal Singh deserve verifiable evidence. If it cannot be produced then we all have to assume that he has been framed. Framed or not, there are too many irregularities in this sorry affair.

So far the following will be contacted very soon.

Dr. Cynthia Mahmood
Amnesty International
United Nations Committee against Torture

Would you send me the link for UNO. I would appreciate that in case I am not reading you clearly.