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India 9 People Killed In Hindu-Muslim Riots In Bharatpur


New Delhi: An internal Congress inquiry report has indicted the Ashok Gehlot government for the Bharatpur riots. The report prepare by the Congress' inquiry committee set up by Congress chief Sonia Gandhi, has confirmed police excesses during the riots.

The report also said that State Home Minister Shanti Dhariwal mismanaged the situation, took sides and so he could be either removed or made to apologise.

Dhariwal said that the state government will take up the responsibility but the real culprit will be known only after an inquiry.

"We do take collective responsibility for the Bharatpur incident. Those found guilty will be punished and action will be taken. The juducial enquiry will be completed within three months," said Dhariwal

Congress Spokesperson Rashid Alvi on Wednesday said, "The Rajasthan government has announced a CBI and judicial inquiry into Bharatpur clashes. Rs 5 lakh compensation and job for families of the dead have also been announced. SP, Additional SP and District Magistrate have been immediately transferred."

Nine people were killed and 21 others injured on Wednesday in a clash between two communities over a land dispute at Gopalgarh in Bharatpur, forcing the district authorities to impose curfew in some areas.


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