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50 Or So Pages Of DG Are By Guru Gobind Singh


Jan 3, 2016
For me, soaking wisdom means doing what Newton did with gravity: asking the right questions, teasing out causes and effects, and so building an intellectual framework to rationally deliberate whether Guru Gobind Singh wrote any of the disputed texts.
Asking questions is what both Harkiran and I have been doing, and I have been trying to respond to all serious questions. Some of these questions arise from statements made by other people (i.e.) this thread).

I would like to get round to discussing the texts of DG, esp Charitropakhyan as that was the first topic on which some serious and intense debate took place although we never managed to move onto the text itself.

When topics like this are discussed, it cannot be a one way traffic. There has to be some focus and direction to the thread, and not just a mixmash of statements thrown in, selective snippets of text copied and pasted here and there. When members do this, even after being requested not to, it becomes hard to hold any direction in the thread.

Knowing what you know and believing what you believe, kindly demystify for me whether it was Gobind the Guru who wrote the SDGSJ or Gobind the man ? Feel free to interrogate !
Are these "Gobinds" different?

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