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5 Is A Special Number Why ? - Martyrdom Of Guru Arjan Dev

Discussion in 'Sikh Youth' started by drkhalsa, Jun 16, 2005.

  1. drkhalsa

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    Sep 16, 2004
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    The Martyrdom of Guru Arjan Dev
    Accepting the Will of the Lord, the Lord themselves sacrificed themselves for the freedom of their faith.
    Take a moment to think about the beauty of Love of our fifth Master, King of Kings,
    Dhan Saahib Sri Guru Arjan Dev Jee Maharaaj.

    Some things many of you may not have known about him:
    Guru Arjan Dev was the fifth Sikh Guru and the first Sikh martyr: he gave up his life for the humanity and for the Sikh people.

    He was the first Sikh Shaheed (Martyr, for holding up the beliefs)
    The Guru selected a Muslim by faith
    Hazrat Mian Mir to lay the foundation of the Golden Temple (Harmandir Sahib) in Amritsar.
    He also designed the four doors in a Gurdwara, proclaiming that "My faith is for the people of all castes and all creeds from whichever direction they come and to whichever direction they bow."
    He also declared that all Sikhs should donate a tenth of their earnings to charity.
    The greatest contribution he made to the Sikh faith was to compile all of the past Gurus' writings into one formed granth, now the Holy Scripture: the Ad Guru Granth Sahib.

    Guru Arjan Dev included the compositions of both Hindu and Muslim saints which he considered consistent with the teachings of Sikhism and the Gurus.
    In 1606, the Muslim Emperor Jahangir ordered that he be tortured and sentenced to death after he refused to remove all Islamic and Hindu references from the Holy Text.
    He was chained to a post in the burning sun for days, and then made to sit on a burning hot tava (plate) while boiling hot sand was poured over his burnt body and scolduring water was poured into the wounds.
    After enduring five days of pure torture Guru Arjan Dev was taken for a bath in the river. As thousands watched he entered the river never to be seen again.
    Gupta calls Guru Arjun an original thinker, an illustrious poet, a practical philosopher, a great organiser, an eminent statesman and the first martyr of the faith. He completely changed the external aspect of Sikhism."
    The way in which he died changed the course of Sikhism forever……… into a Saint-Soldier ......Spirtual and Martial race with the succession of his son Guru Hargobind ji (the 6<SUP>th</SUP> Guru) who raised the armies against the oppressors <O:p</O:p

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  3. Gyani Jarnail Singh

    Gyani Jarnail Singh Malaysia
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    Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
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    Jul 4, 2004
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    Beautiful and soul stirring..veer Ji THANKS for a good read.

    There cannot be a Shaheed of the stature of Guru arjun Ji...Guru ji as a child climbed into the loving lap of his Maternal Grandfather Guru Amardass Ji...and The Third nanak...gave him love and said..Guru Dohta..Bani da Bohitha. Meaning this is MY grandson..He will be a Virtual SHIP of GURBANI. How TRUE this mukhvaak came out to be..more than HALF of GURBANI in GURU GRANTH JI is by Guru Arjun Ji.

    Guru ji faced great tribulations, enmity from within his household, enmity and jealousy without...from the enmies of Sikhe who couldnt stand the wild-fire spread of this new and vibrant faith. This Man of GOD and PEACE and BROTHERHOOD to all...writer of the sukhmani Psalm of Peace... was Brutally tortured to DEATH by seating him on a Burning Hot plate, boiling him alive in a pot of water, and pouring of Hot sand over his head....and finally killed by dipping him in the ice cold waters of the Ravi.

    But before that Guru Arjun Ji had suceeded in Establishing a Firm Foundation of PIRI by establishing the Harimandir sahib, Amrtisar as Centre of Sikhe..MIRI would be established by His son and Sixth nanak Guru hargobind Ji...who built the Akal Takhat.

    It is an established FACT that the SIKH GURUS founded TOWNS, set up Craft centres, built schools, dug wells, built sarovars, even more than the Govt of the day. They were the Real "masters of the Hearts of the Peoples"..and that was why the Govt was JEALOUS....jealous enough to "shut them down"....even to the extent of torturing them to death.

    Dhan Dhan Guur Arjun Ji maharaj.

    Jarnail Singh Gyani Arshi
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