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4th Pauri Of 2nd Ashtapadee Of Sukhmani Sahib

Discussion in 'Sukhmani Banee' started by Amarpal, Jan 14, 2006.

  1. Amarpal

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    Jun 11, 2004
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    Dear Khalsa Ji,
    In this post, I share with you what I understand from the 4th Pauri of 2nd Ashtapadee of Sukhmani Sahib.
    1. ijh mwrg ky gny jwih n kosw ] jih maarag kay ganay jaahi na kosaa.
    The path, where the distances (kosaa in a measure of distance) cannot be measured.

    2. hir kw nwmu aUhw sMig qosw ] har kaa naam oohaa sang tosaa.
    The name of ‘The Sat’ will be with you.

    My understanding:
    Guru Sahib says that in the difficult periods of life when the end seems to be far away and not possible to visualize, ‘Naam’ is always with the individual. In the difficult period ‘Naam’ will give the support to carry on. This way Guru Sahib says that when all other sources of support have been exhausted, the inexhaustible source i.e. ‘Naam’ is always with the individual.
    3. ijh pYfY mhw AMD gubwrw ] jih paidai mahaa anDh gubaaraa.
    On journey where the path is engulfed by total darkness.

    4. hir kw nwmu sMig aujIAwrw ] har kaa naam sang ujee-aaraa.
    The Naam of ‘The Sat’ will become the light

    My understanding:
    Guru Sahib tells that in life when the light which shows the way is not there, the recourse to Jaap/Simran will come to the rescue of the person and generate the necessary mental illumination which will show the way out of difficulties.
    5. jhw pMiQ qyrw ko n is\wnU ] jahaa panth tayraa ko na sinjaanoo.
    In society where no one knows you.

    6. hir kw nwmu qh nwil pCwnU ] har kaa naam tah naal pachhaanoo.
    The ‘Naam’ of ‘The Sat’ will be your introduction.

    My understanding:
    Guru Sahib says that in social grouping where no one knows you, the illumination that Jaap/Simran of ‘Naam’ gives the individual becomes the introduction of this individual which will make her or him known to the society in which the individual has entered.
    7. jh mhw BieAwn qpiq bhu Gwm ] jah mahaa bha-i-aan tapat baho ghaam.
    The place where there is fearful heat and blazing sun.

    8. qh hir ky nwm kI qum aUpir Cwm ] tah har kay naam kee tum oopar chhaam.
    In such places the ‘Naam’ of ‘The Sat’ will provide

    My understanding:
    Guru Sahib conveys that when the difficulties in life creates a very hot environment for the individual to face them, the Jaap/Simran of ‘Naam’ provides the soothing effect as the shade provides against the blazing hot sun.
    9. jhw iqRKw mn quJu AwkrKY ] jahaa tarikhaa man tujh aakrakhai.
    The place where thirst, O’ my mind, makes me cry.

    10. qh nwnk hir hir AMimRqu brKY ]4] tah naanak har har amrit barkhai. ||4||
    There O’Nanak the ambrosial Naam will rain on you.

    My understanding:
    Guru Sahib says that in life when the unfulfilled desires makes the individual suffer and cry, the ambrosial ‘Naam’ provides the same relief as rain water provides to an extremely thirsty person.
    With this I close the post.
    With love and respect for all.
    Amarpal Singh
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