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Sikh News 37 Delhi 1984 Riot Victims Get Rs 74 Lakh Compensation (Outlook India)


Jun 1, 2004
37 Delhi 1984 riot victims get Rs 74 lakh compensation (Outlook India)
Tue, 25 Apr 2006 18:14:47 GMT
Those 37 Delhi anti-Sikh 1984 riot victim families found eligible in Kharar sub-division were given Rs 74 lakh compensation cheques, as per the compensation plan approved by the Union government, here yesterday.


May 1, 2006
Hi my all Sikh veergo
S SA Though it may do heal a meagre part of the suffering of our riot victims, but what a mockery of indian justice system being puppeted by politicians, after 22 years, 2 lakh each compensation. We rather brace ourselves up and stand united to uphold the flag of sikhism unitedly and helping those needy rather than asking alms from deaf dumb blindfolded justice of our country. I pray and wish v all pray to waheguru to bless sikh sangat with eternal peace happiness and contentment. With his worship and meditation and our hardwork wherever as a group community or individual a SIKH should be a proud individualistic identity respected and regarded with utmost reverence. May v b the esteemed community of the universe with roots in youngest and sacrificing, tolerant and impudent religion. Harry
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