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India 35% Indian Women Beaten Up At Home: UN

Jan 6, 2005
Metro-Vancouver, B.C., Canada
July 8, 2011

35% Indian women beaten up at home: UN

PTI - Jul 8, 2011, 04.51am IST

NEW DELHI: The United Nations on Thursday deplored the miniscule 3% representation of women in India's judicial system and claimed that 35% of fair sex face physical violence in the country.

UN women, a newly created body dedicated to gender equality and empowerment of women, it its report titiled " Progress of the World's Women" said India "significantly" lags behind the rest of the world in representation of the fairer sex in judicial system and justice is still out of reach for majority of the community.

Releasing the report, assistant secretary general of UN Women Lakshmi Puri termed it as"disappointing" the meagre representation of women in India's judicial system saying gender equality was"key" for ensuring justice to the victims.

The report which examined a variety of issues like women's access to judicial system and sexual harassment in countries accross the world also pointed towards high prevalence of physical and sexual violence against women."It was found that 35% of respondents in India have reported to be victims of physical violence by their intimate partners, while 10% of respondents were victims of sexual violence by their intimate partners," it said. The report also said that 39% of men and women think that it is"sometimes or always" justifiable for a man to beat his wife.

Quoting details of a survey carried out by NGO Sakshi to reflect upon the judicial system, it said majority of those surveyed feel that women who are abused by their spouses are to be blamed for their ordeal.

The report, however, complimented the Panchayati Raj system saying over a million women are actively participating in matters of local governance, policy formulation and decision making."Almost 94% of elected women representatives reported being able to freely raise issues in gram sabha," the report said, noting that several states have already reserved 50% seats for women in local bodies.

source: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/...-beaten-up-at-home-UN/articleshow/9144490.cms
Oct 21, 2009
Reliability of UN as a system Integrator is fast on decline on account of US monopoly. Head of World Bank is always a US National. Recent sex scandals have already proved that US officials at high platforms are abusing the ladies now and then. People in India are now suspicious about US motives and designs. Though speaking personally, I have nothing against US citizens but its aid to Pakistan and subsequent sales of arms to it has already put a rusty and colorful blot on its deals. Reports of UN have US backing...
Let me count US reaction to India.
1.US acquitted Headley Chase, a plotter of Bombay Incidence..Us refused to extradite and even refused to let him be interrogated by Indian probing agencies..
2.Rana ,another accused in Bombay incidence is tried in US for Crime committed in India and found him 'not guilty...
3.Anderson..of Union Carbide..the author of Bhopal Gas leak..is also not extradited even though we have a full fledged Extradition Treaty in place and there are non bailable arrest warrants issued by Bhopal Judicial Magistrate 2010.. Instead of finding faults with treaty the spirit and substance should have been taken into consideration..
4.US is the biggest arms supplier to developing Nations.
5.US has many subsidiaries and Multinationals in India...lot of capital flight is taking place on account of dividend pay puts..Indian economy is being raped..India does not need screw driver technology now.
6.US is the only country to have used Nuclear weapons [Hiroshima and Nagasaki..]
7.US does not respect the Sovereignty of other states...
Many other stances can be quoted.
To me :A country with myopic vision and that cannot think of the welfare of the humanity as a whole is the most selfish country.

Consequently UN is now not a neutral body. It is largely funded by US and hence what it wants is released for the consumption of gullible Public.

US is required to clean up the mess it has gathered and come out clean with its polices in Pak...Afghanistan....Korea..Iran..Iraq and even Libya....else human efforts to build a system through UN shall always be in doubt..I do not give any weightage to the sketchy reports.

Sexual abuse is prevalent in every civil society.Physical abuse is some thing that we all face..We all have domestic Violence Acts in place. Almost every country has these types of Statutes in their countries evidencing the presence of both physical and Sexual Violence..Gay sex is also another abuse prevalent in Europe..How should we account for this..worst than sexual abuse to Ladies...?

Random Ramblings..but with ample proof of US monopolizing the behavior of UN..



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