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120 injured in the attack in arrival section of Domodedovo

At least 31 people were killed and about 120 injured in a suicide bombing at Moscow's largest airport on Monday.

The terrorist set off a powerful bomb in a crowd near a cafe in the arrival section of the Domodedovo airport at 1632 Moscow time (1902 IST), sources in the transport police were quoted as saying.

The place is rather congested, typically packed to capacity by people meeting their friends and relatives. The smoke that filled the room was making it difficult to establish the exact number of casualties, the sources said.

President Dmitry Medvedev cancelled a trip to an economic forum in Davos, Switzerland. He told security chiefs at an emergency meeting at the Kremlin to tighten the security at all airports and rail stations.

Russia's Investigative Committee confirmed that it was a terrorist attack that was probably traced to Russia's troubled North Caucasus. Experts said the bomb, packed with bolts for a deadlier effect, was equivalent to 10 kg of TNT. The death toll is likely to go up as many of the wounded were in a critical condition, ambulance sources said. Scores of ambulances have been rushed from Moscow, about 40 km away.

This is the first terrorist attack in Moscow after the March 2010 double suicide bombing in the metro, staged by North Caucasus terrorists, that killed 40 people.


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Terror was actively supported for vested interests by the so called super powers in the 1980s and this is back firing now on the ones who sowed and watered it.

It's high time the international community unites irrespective of region or religion and flexes muscles against this carcinoma called terror that is spreading its tentacles wide over the human race.