India 28 Patients Lost Their Eye Light



In Mandla district of Madhya Pradesh, 28 patients had lost their eye sights.

One month before, there was started an eye camp by Yogiraj hospital, where cataract operation was done for 28 patients. Doctors carried out those patient's cataract operations on September 13, at the hospital. Since then, their eyes light went away.

Pindere village's affected residents told their suffering in the people's court, after meeting DM Mr.K K Khare.

Khare has ordered the investigation saying that, we will take stern action against culprits.

Pindere village’s residental Mohanlal, Artonlal, including nearly two dozen rural people are saying that, please let our eyes back.

Meanwhile, Yogiraj Hospital and Research Centre, has kept silent in this case.

These patients complaint that they did not know that they took a fake eye-in place of real eye.

I am very frustrated to say that, now all these patients are walking, just by keeping stone's eyes in their hands.

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I think the day is not far when Uneducated rural people will refuse any kind of medical help
as the cases of stealing of their organs is on rise.