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Sakhis 26 New Katha Recordings On G. Sant Singh Ji Maskeen Website

Nov 22, 2006
Guru Pyareo

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji Ki Fateh!

With Satguru’s Grace there are 26 new katha recordings by G. Sant Singh Ji Maskeen for you to download. Please take a look. There is also a new recording on the Gurbani Ucharan Page Swaiye Mahala 5.

New Additions 2010 Parpanch Kar Par Dhan.mp3

Baho Parpanch Kar Par Dhan Lavai Purakh Satgur Mera Pura.mp3
Saajan Purakh Satgur Mera Poora Kinehi Aaski Dujai Lagai Jaye.mp3
Eh Kinehi Aaski Dujai Lagai Jaye Te Upar Nahi Baliye.mp3
Sarpani Te Upar Nahi Baliye Ki Sewa Safal Hai.mp3
Satgur Ki Sewa Safal Hai Mahal Ja Ke Uch Dware.mp3
Sookh Mahal Ja Ke Uch Dware Man Akath Katha Har Naam.mp3
Sun Man Akath Katha Har Naam Ki Sewa Safal Hai II.mp3
Satgur Ki Sewa Safal Hai II Hio Milan Prab Taee.mp3
Omkio Hio Milan Prab Taee Jana Ko Har Jio Rakhai.mp3
Bhagat Jana Ko Har Jio Rakhai Maila Mailo Hoe Jae.mp3
Jag Maila Mailo Hoe Jae Re Nar Garab Karat Ho.mp3
Kahe Re Nar Garab Karat Ho Mere Bhule Kapat Na Kijai.mp3
Man Mere Bhule Kapat Na Kijai Agam Apaar II.mp3
Ucha Agam Apaar II Bina Bau Doobe Siyane.mp3
Bhagat Bina Bahu Doobe Siyane Bheetar Tu Dekh Beechar.mp3
Ghat Bheetar Tu Dekh Beechar HAzur Kat Door Batao.mp3
Hai Hazur Kat Door Batao Jan Aisa Chahiye Jaisa Har Hi Hoe.mp3
Har Jan Aisa Chahiye Jaisa Har Hi Hoe Pita Bhai Sut Bandhap.mp3
Mat Pita Bhai Sut Bandhap Dware Pargat Kiye.mp3
Nau Dware Pargat Kiye Pyas.1[5].mp3
Prabhu Pyas 1 Pyas 2[3].mp3
Prabhu Pyas 2 Ki Mahima Bed Na Janeh[2].mp3
Sadh Ki Mahima Bed Na Janeh Padi To Bisreo Gawan.1.mp3
Samajh Padi To Bisareo Gawan 1 Padi To Bisreo Gawan.2.mp3
Samajh Padi To Bisareo Gawan 2 Drisht Dokh Drisht[1].mp3
Shubh Drisht Dokh Drisht

Guru Raakha

Guldeep Singh


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
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