2021 Interfaith Thanksgiving Service


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May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'YOU ARE INVITED 2021 Interfaith Thanksgiving Service MAMRM Where Do We Find Gratitude? JOIN US VIA ZOOM AS WE TAKE A STEP TOWARD UNDERSTANDING INTERFAIT TH COUNCIL November 21, 2021 4:30 PM Featuring Prayers and Music from many Traditions Speaker Rev. Dr. Catherine Gregg Ch at The Episcopal Diocese of Nevada htt:v'

swarn bains

I do not know how to join the group, but i request if this slok can be expressed somewhere for humanity thank u
Hymn: Guru (spiritual teacher) is mother, the father, the master and transcendent Lord. Guru is a friend the destroyer of ignorance, a relative and a brother. ॥ Guru is the bestowal, the teacher of God’s name. Guru’s lesson is distinct. Guru is the image of peace truth and intellect. Guru is the touchstone that transforms. ॥ Guru is a shrine, pool of nectar; to attain guru’s divine knowledge is beyond imagination. ॥ Guru is the Creator, the destroyer of sins; Guru purifies the sinners. ॥ Guru exists from the beginning, for a long time, for ages. Reciting God through guru’s teaching attains salvation. ॥ O God; unite me with the guru by your grace; that I the sinner swim across holding on to him ॥੧॥ Guru the guru the God the transcendent Lord the guru; Nanak prays and pays his regard to guru the God. ||1||

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