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1984 Anti-Sikh Pogrom 1984 Sikh Haryana Mass Killings: Why Two Separate Actions Are Needed?


ੴ / Ik▫oaʼnkār
Dec 21, 2010
1. Sikh Introspection

This is not a witch hunt but a review if the current process of communication and

information flow from Sikh grassroots to SGPC and Akal Takhat Sahib ji needs improvement.

The end objective in this should be to ensure that any future such incidents are recognized

and addressed at the right time rather than 26 years later.

The suggested inquiry conduct:

  • Not sponsored or managed by
    • SGPC
    • Akali Party
    • Akali party leadership

  • Blessed by Akal Takhat Sahib

  • A retired baptized Sikh judge at the High Court or Higher Level
    • Vetted by a referendum of Sikhs like the SGPC elections
  • Terms of the Inquiry
    • Recreate an Information and knowledge flow of the event
      • Starting from Sikh to Sikh knowledge through Individuals
      • Sangat to Sangat
      • Gurdwara Sewadars to other Gurdwara sewadars
      • Gurdwara sewadars to religious hierarchy
      • Gurdwara sewadars/sangat to SGPC people
      • To whom, format of communication and dates
      o Recreate actions or decisions taken by,
      • Sikhs at large
      • Gurdwara sewadars
      • SGPC
        • Akali party specific members and specific officers and position holders
      • Learnings and Recommendations
        • Areas of process gaps
          • Communication breakdowns and how to avoid same in the future
        • Accountability gaps
          • Expectations
          • Sikhs at large
          • Gurdwara affilated sewadars
          • SGPC
          • Akal Takhat Sahib
        • Clarification and removal of ambiguities to prevent future lapses
2. Judicial Probe

A. Haryana Government

  • Independent Haryana High court Judge or higher
  • Aspects of Probe
    • Who organized
    • Who sponsored
  • Who knew
    • Before
    • During the murders
    • After
  • Actions of
    • Police
    • Local Civil Officials
    • Local Congress and other party Officials
  • Coverup
    • Police
    • Local Civil Officials
    • Local Congress and other party Officials
    • State and National Officials or Political Party members
  • Evidence based Charges Against
    • Police
    • Civil and Government culprits
B. Punjab Government

Punjab Government may institute its own inquiry to determine people or officials within its own jurisdiction who may have been,

  • Knowledgeable about the plans, actions and cover-ups
  • Accomplices
  • Supporters
  • Provider of cover or other supportive actions including false propaganda
I believe with these actions, not only Sikhs but other minorities could benefit into the future.

I welcome critique and comments.

Sat Sri Akal.
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