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India 150 Killed In Air India Crash In Mangalore

Discussion in 'Breaking News' started by satnamr46, May 22, 2010.

  1. satnamr46

    satnamr46 Canada
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    May 23, 2009
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    150 killed in Air India crash in Mangalore


    Saturday, 22 May 2010

    About 150 people were killed when an Air India Express flying from Dubai overshot the runway after landing at the Mangalore airport near here early Saturday amid a drizzle and caught fire as it crashed into a forested gorge, authorities said.

    A grim looking Karnataka Chief Minister B.S. Yeddyurappa told reporters about three hours after the disaster that the Boeing 737 was carrying more than 160 people and "survivors were unlikely".

    "Except for five or six people who were rescued, we fear the rest of the passengers (and crew) may not have survived." he told reporters in Bangalore, the state capital, before leaving for the crash site. "It is a grave tragedy."

    The plane was carrying 163 passengers and six crew members. The passengers included four infants.

    The airport at Bajpe, about 30 km from Mangalore, is in a hilly area and considered one of the most difficult airports to take off and land. The area had been experiencing heavy rains for the last two days.

    Aviation experts said the Mangalore airport required precision landing because there is hardly any overshoot area. There was no immediate official word, however, why the plane met with the accident.

    The tragedy took place around 6.30 a.m. The pilot gave no distress signal before the plane went down.

    Villagers from the neighbourhood were among the first to rush to the gorge as the plane crashed and broke into several pieces with a deafening roar and sending huge flames leaping into the sky.

    Firemen and police personnel from the airport quickly began rescue operations, only to come across ghastly scenes of mangled bodie strew over a large area.

    In no time, about 25 ambulances and over 20 fire tenders were involved in the frantic operation. But large crowds gathered, including many rushing all the way from the airport.

    Some of the charred bodies still had the seat belts on.

    Air India spokesman K. Swaminathan said the IX 812 overshot the runway while landing. He gave no further details.

    The rescue operations were hit for an hour as the drizzle turned into heavy rains, with parts of the plane having rolled into ravines near the airport.

    "It is a tragic incident," Karnataka Home Minister V.S. Acharyal said.

    Managalore airport manager Peter Abrahim said there were initial difficulties in reaching the accident.

    Prime Minister Manmohan Singh condoled the loss of lives in the air crash at the Mangalore airport Saturday and ordered Rs.200,000 for the families of the dead and Rs.50,000 for the injured.

    He also postponed an event scheduled at his official residence Saturday evening to celebrate his government's one year in office during its second tenure.

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  3. rajneesh madhok

    rajneesh madhok India
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    Jan 1, 2010
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    Black box recovered in India plane crash - UAE media

    The black box has been recovered from an Air India Express passenger plane from Dubai that crashed on landing in Mangalore on Saturday, the United Arab Emirates' state media said.
    "The black box of the aircraft has been recovered and the mandatory court of inquiry ordered by the Director General of Civil Aviation," Emirati state news agency WAM reported from India.

    Rajneesh Madhok
  4. spnadmin

    spnadmin United States
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    1947-2014 (Archived)
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    Jun 17, 2004
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    It is jios very sad. So many families have become bereaved by this. You can see the site of the crash now some hours later. I am not going to upload the picture.

    The Hindu : Home Page News & Features
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  5. Mai Harinder Kaur

    Mai Harinder Kaur
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    Mentor Writer SPNer

    Oct 6, 2006
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    I feel the need to confess something here.

    Last night, when I first heard of the crash in India, I held my breath until I learned it was in Mangalore. I was so grateful it wasn't in Amritsar. I have long groused about the way the TV here reports the number of American (or Canadian) fatalities in any disaster, as if those are more important than other deaths.

    And here I am doing the very same thing. Is the death of a Singh or a Kaur a bigger tragedy than the death of any other person? Of course not! But I feel it much more acutely; it becomes personal.

    I need to work on revising my feelings here, I think.
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  6. Mai Harinder Kaur

    Mai Harinder Kaur
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    Mentor Writer SPNer

    Oct 6, 2006
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    There is a lot of practical information on this flight at this link:

    The list of passengers on the flight

    These numbers may possibly be of help to someone:

    Here are the Helpline numbers: For Mangalore: 0824 - 2010167, 0824 - 2220422,
    For Delhi: 011 - 25656196, 011 - 25603101.
    For Mumbai: 022 - 22796161
    For Dubai: 0097142165838.
    Dial these numbers if it can help you.

    Here is a list of survivors:
    1. Sabrina
    2. Omar Farooq
    3. Mohammad K
    4. Krishna
    5. Pradeep
    6. Roy Joel
    7. Prataap D’Souza

    Here is a complete list of the passengers on this flight. I am listing them all, instead of just giving the link because every one deserves to be remembered individually.

    1. Harshini Poonja
    2. Aaron Joel Fernandes
    3. Niha Imthiaz
    4. Bhaskaran T.V.
    5. Komalavally Alinkeel
    6. Narayana Kanthav Rao
    7. Vani Narayana Rao
    8. Vaishnavi Narayana Rao
    9. Mohammad Ishaque Rafique Ahmed
    10 Hasanabba Abubakkar
    11. Hiba Azeena (child)
    12. Mushina (child)
    13. Haifa Hasha (infant)
    14. Joyanrichard Saldanha
    15. Ummer Farook Mohammed
    16. Shahida Nushrathar
    17 Zeshan Abdul Rehman (child)
    18. Kannur Zulekha Banu
    19. Nazeema Muhammad Ashraf
    20.Satyanarayana Ballakuraya
    21. Sujatha Rao
    22. Fathimamehzan Shafqat
    23.Rashaad Shafqatmahmood (infant)
    24. Khader Ammangod Mohammed Shafy
    25. Suhaib Mohammed Naseer (child)
    26. Bibi Sara (child)
    27. Nabeeha Mohammed Nasir (child)
    28. Mohammad Asraf
    29. Maimoona Asraf
    30. Ashaz Abdulla (child)
    31. Ayesha Afsheen (child)
    32.Plaviashakunthala Lobo
    33. Venishanikola Lobo
    34. Vishalfloid Lobo (child)
    35. Abdullah K.M.
    36. Merwyn D’ Souza
    37. Rosly Shibu
    38. Godwina Thomas (child)
    39. Gloria Thomas (child)
    40. Bhagali Prabhakar
    41. Kammadam Kunhabdulla
    42. Shashikanth Punja
    43. Manirekha Punja
    44. Abdulbarr Damudi (child)
    45. Mahesh Shetty
    46. Mohamed Naser
    47. Anwar Sadiq
    48. Hassan Kutty
    49. JoelPratap DSouza
    50. Arunkumar Shetty
    51. Vasantha Shetty
    52. Abdul Samad
    53. Prasadand Manjrekar
    54. Krishnan Koolikunnu
    55. Mullachery Balakrishnan
    56. Shanthi Olivera
    57. Chethana Mukeshkumar
    58. Thresiamma Philip
    59. Mohamed Ashfaq
    60. Husna Farheen
    61. Ahmednaushad Abbu
    62. Rajan Pulikodan
    63. Jayaprakasha Devadiga
    64. Jayaram Kotian
    65. Chitra Jayaram
    66. Rahul Jayaram (child)
    67. Prabhavati Karkera
    68. Ashitha Bolar
    69. Akshay Bolar
    70. Suresh Kunder
    71. Sanjeeva BabannaHegde
    72. Soman Narayani
    73. Pradeep GK
    74. Kallingalabullah
    75. Thalangara Ebrahimkhaleel
    76. Louiscarlo Vincent Geraro
    77. Naziya Afarin
    78. Mohammed Abaanruknuddin (child)
    79. MohammedRafi Beliyapura
    80. Abdullah Mohammed
    81. Ibrahim Saheb
    82. Sameena Saheb
    83. Issam Ibrahim
    84. Rida Ibrahim (child)
    85. Perumbalamohammed
    86. Shivakumar Nagaraj
    87. Meenu Gupta
    88. Shetty KK
    89. Gangadharan Nair
    90. Prabathkumar Attavar
    91.Sathisha Shetty
    92. Irshad Ahmed
    93. Neha Parveen
    94. Affan Ahmed (infant)
    95. Sameerbeerran Moideen
    96. Abdunnazir Avinja
    97. Riju John
    98. Sabrina Nasrinhuq
    99. Steven Rego
    100. Mahammooda Abdulla Kanyana
    101. Althafahmed Moolana
    102. Lokeshasadananda Belchada
    103. Hameed Pookayam
    104. Mayankutty KP
    105. Vipin Kattoor
    106. Kishorekumar Kudpapoojary
    107. Chandukutty Nair K
    108. NM Bharatham
    109. Abdulazeez Anchikatta
    110. Umashan Vijayan
    111. Cavin Sequuiera
    112. Reshmasanthosh Rai
    113. Nalandshaunsantosh Rai (child)
    114. Vihasantosh Rai (infant)
    115. Vamana Prabhu
    116. Ganesh Prabhu
    117. Qazi Abdulsalam
    118. Qazizulekah Khuddus
    119. Jackson Periera
    120. Mahammed Ismail
    121. Naveen Kumar
    122. Sanjaykumar Mahabal
    123. Mahendra Kodkany
    124. Indumathi Nayak
    125. Vijesh Kovval
    126. Ramakrishna Nayak
    127. Ajesh Mottathil
    128. Navid Ibrahim
    129. Ignatius DSouza
    130. Sukumara Kuzhiyamkottuchal
    131. Abdul Basheer KM
    132. Mohiddin Farasusman
    133. Mahim Mohammedpalli
    134. Mohammedashraf KA
    135. Mohamed Usman
    136. Kunhikannan Chandu
    137. Naveenwalter Fernandes
    138. Saritaphilomena Dsouza
    139. Ullas Dsilva
    140. Mannapadupuashraf Abdul
    141. Safdharali Sheik
    142. Mahesh Shetty
    143. Abdulharish Koppalamhouse
    144. Abdul Jebran
    145. Parambathkunhi Krishnan
    146. Prabhakaran Pachikaran
    147. Nekkareibrahim Ismail
    148. Melwynkiran Menezes
    149. Siddeeque Choorisulaiman
    150. Putturismail Abdulla
    151. Somashekhar Potyalsrinivasa
    152. Lokesh Narayanan
    153. Lolitta Dias
    154. Lilly Dias
    155. Praveena Sundar
    156. Hilda Douza
    157. Pradeep Deepanivas
    158. Denis Saldanha
    159. Ashton Saldanha (child)
    160. Manthur Hassainar
    161. Rama Satish
    162. Mohammed Basheer
    163. Aboobacker Siddeeq
    164. Mohammed Usman
    165. Shaileshrao Brahmavara
    166. Mohammed Ziad
    167. Sameena Abdul Karim
    168. Zainab Mohammedziad (child)
    169. Mohammed Subairzaid (child)
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  7. Bmandur

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    May 16, 2008
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    This is very sad I pray for those famlies who lost there dearest
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  8. roopsidhu

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    SPNer Supporter

    Aug 7, 2006
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    my heart goes out for the unfortunate ones who have lost their near and dear ones. May wahegur give thn theability to ber this tragic loss.
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  9. roopsidhu

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    SPNer Supporter

    Aug 7, 2006
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    veri bold and great confession mai Harinder Kaur ji. Thans a lot. All what I feel from this post is that, this is the great advise(message) to all, wraped in the name of confession.
    Admirable way of expressing the feelings. I loved it.
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