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14 Good Reasons Why Society Needs Religion

Jun 1, 2004

by Bharat Vir Singh Ji

In today’s Britain,the people are increasingly drifting away from religion and God.For some it is a disillusionment,dislike and distrust of the Church.While others say that religion causes wars and conflicts and bad-blood.The new generations of ethnic minorities like Sikhs,Muslims and Hindus don’t find religion meaningful and attractive enough.Perhaps they want help in understanding its importance and meaning.Perhaps their elders are not competent enough to explain and exemplify religion to them.Or maybe they are too busy raising families and earning livelihood,etc.Whatever the reason,fact is that religion is fast eroding from its place in peoples’ lives and I would like to state fourteen good reasons why we all,and society in general genuinely need religion in our lives :-

1.Religion helps to regulate our conduct and behaviour in society by providing a set of morals and value-system for human existence.
2.Religion guides our actions in life, putting a check on criminal tendency in human nature.
3.A true religion will ensure peaceful co-existence,love and harmony among human beings.
4.Religion keeps our feet firmly planted on the ground even when our heads are up in clouds because of fast-moving technology resulting in hectic and stressful lifestyle.
5.A true religion gives you a clear conscience while performing an action or taking a difficult decision,like resorting to arms in self-defence or in war.
6.Religion ensures balance in a life where negative social influences can be increasingly disruptive,immoral and corruptive for the mind.
7.As a science of self-improvement,religion offers a therapeutic and success-oriented lifestyle,a victorious way of life.
8.Religion prevents deterioration of the mind due to dehumanization and desensitization caused by highly mechanized modern living,thus providing stability.
9.True religion is the manifestation of mercy - God’s mercy for His Creation and man’s mercy towards his fellow-beings and environment(Creation).
10.Religion prevents us from being carried away by the tides of the times,because a true religion has an eternal value-system.
11.True religion protects the human rights of everyone and prevents their violation.
12.True religion ensures social justice,equality and security for all its adherents.
13.True religion ensures a happy,holy,healthy mind in a healthy body.
14.True religion provides for good governance of society and good care of its citizens.

Sikh religion satisfies ALL of the above criteria,and is therefore the most perfect religion or way of life for all humanity.

Misgivings about the future of Sikhism:

One often hears from some concerned Sikhs or even non-Sikhs,that Sikh religion is in danger of gradual extinction.In support they cite various reasons like influence of Western lifestyle,lack of adherence by existing or younger members of the faith,or interference by external forces.

Actually there is no long-term threat to Sikhi,because Waheguru is Himself the all-powerful,all-knowing Creator and originator of Sikhi.He is 100% behind his Sikhs with all His Might.Sikhism is powerful and stable beyond words.It is The Way for modern times and the modern world.It is the answer to humanity’s problems.Time will tell.Have faith.Do YOUR bit for the Guru.Let us each do our bit - be good Sikhs.Be practising Sikhs.Leave the rest to Waheguru.We only have to follow our Guru for all our needs.And the Panth will automatically sort out the worldly matters,like Raaj,etc.
History proves that Sikhs are survivors.They will always come out victorious in any and all circumstances despite heavy odds.Remember that Khalsa is destined to usher in Satyug after the apocalyptic demise of the present Kalyug.So let us everyone get baptised into Khalsa while we still have the chance.

Hail to Sikhism, the greatest religion ever , and forever!
Wahegurujee Ka Khalsa.Wahegurujee Kee Fateh. ( - articles submitted by, Bharat Vir Singh )