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India 1326 Indians Die Due To Accidents, Suicide Every Day

Jan 7, 2005
Metro-Vancouver, B.C., Canada
1326 Indians die due to accidents, suicide every day !

TNN, Jan 17, 2011, 12.19am IST

<SCRIPT>var facebookktitle='1326 Indians die due to accidents, suicide every day'; facebookktitle=facebookktitle+" - The Times of India"; var facebooksyn='Every fifth person who killed himself in Maharashtra in 2009 was a farmer, recent suicide data says, nailing the state for most farm suicides for the tenth year in a row. Nationwide, 17,368 farmers killed themselves in 2009, 7% more than the count in 2008.';</SCRIPT>
<!-- google_ad_section_start -->NEW DELHI: Every fifth person who killed himself in Maharashtra in 2009 was a farmer, recent suicide data says, nailing the state for most farm suicides for the tenth year in a row. Nationwide, 17,368 farmers killed themselves in 2009, 7% more than the count in 2008.

The data is part of National Crime Records Bureau`s annual report of deaths and suicides across the country. Overall, India reported 418 accidental deaths a day in 2009. Road accidents killed 348 people a day; as many killed themselves daily for reasons ranging from illness to failure in love. The suicide count rose 1.7% compared to 2008 while accidental deaths, including those in road mishaps, increased by 7.3% over the last year. Around 1.27 lakh people committed suicide and 3.57 lakh died accidental deaths.

Five states accounted for nearly two-thirds of all farm suicides in the country: Maharashtra (2,872), Andhra Pradesh (2,414), Karnataka (2,282), Chhattisgarh (1,802) and Madhya Pradesh (1,395). A total of 17,368 farmer suicides were reported in 2009. The figures almost doubled for Tamil Nadu, which reported 1,060 farmers` suicides in 2009, compared to 512 a year ago.

While poverty remained among the most common reasons for committing suicide, poorer states such as Bihar, Orissa and Jharkhand reported far fewer suicides than others. Bihar, for instance, reported 112 suicides while West Bengal reported most cases, 14,648. Orissa and Jharkhand reported 154 and 164 cases respectively. Bengal, along with four other states — Andhra Pradesh (14,500), Tamil Nadu (14,424), Maharashtra (14,300) and Karnataka (12,195) — accounted for more than 55% of the countrywide count.

Delhi fared better, with 1,477 cases being reported in 2009. Uttar Pradesh reported a comparatively lower number of suicides, accounting for only 3.3% of the total cases.

"A total of 223 males commit suicides per day in the country while the number for women is 125 out of which 69 are housewives," the records said. "Seventy-three people commit suicide on a single day due to illness while 10 are driven to suicide due to love affairs." Illness drove 21% of suicide victims while family problems was the reason cited in 21% of the cases.

Around 68.7% of the 1.27 lakh people who committed suicide across the country were in their prime -- 15-44 years.

"It is observed that social and economic causes have led most of the males to commit suicide whereas emotional and personal causes have mainly driven women to end their lives," the report said, adding the number of suicides due to unemployment and professional or career problems showed an increase of 18.8% and 15.1% respectively in 2009, when recession was just wearing off.

Among cities, Bangalore (2,167), Chennai (1,412), Delhi (1,215) and Mumbai (1,051) together reported almost 43.3% of the total suicides in 35 big cities in the country. However, in terms of rate of rise in accidental deaths, the sharpest climb was in Pune. Road accidents accounted for 37.9% of accidental deaths, followed by poisoning (8%), railway accidents (7.8%), drowning (7.7%) and fire accidents (7%).


Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
Jul 4, 2004
The way Indians drive and walk on the roads is crazy..every single one wants to LEAVE LAST..and ARRIVE FIRST. These crazies use the HORN and ACCELERATOR ONLY...the Brake pedal remains new and SHINY from minimal use. They Brake only when DEAD. They can squeeze a large truck into a space most drivers would find difficult to ride a MOPED IN !! and the Road shoulders are everyone's PRIVATE PROPRTY...only the very MIDDLE of the road is for PUBLIC USE...That is IF anyone considers others as "PUBLIC"..because in india everyone is PRIVATE !! Tereh PIO dee sarrak ah ? is the most common remark !!
I have 40 years experience driving in Malaysia/Singapore/Thailand/Europe/Canada/USA..BUT I dare not get behind the steering wheel on an Indian Road...let the crazy Indians do that !! LOL..BECAUSE only an INDIAN can drive at 100 MPH in DENSE FOG where one cant even see ones own hands on the steering wheel.....

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