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Hinduism 10 Vedic Restraints: Yama

Discussion in 'Interfaith Dialogues' started by CaramelChocolate, Mar 13, 2005.

  1. CaramelChocolate

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    Jul 13, 2004
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    10 Vedic restraints: Yama
    Source: Hinduism Today magazine. Typed up by me.

    1. Non-injury : AHIMSA
    Practice noninjury, not harming others by thought, word or deed, even in your dreams. Live a kindly life, revering all beings as expressions of the One Divine energy. Let go of fear and insecurity, the sources of abuse. Knowing that harm caused to others unfailingly returns to oneself, live peacefully with Go'ds creation. Never be a source of dread, pain or injury. Follow a vegetarian diet.

    2. Truthfulness : SATYA
    Ahere to truthfullness, refraining from lying and betraying promises. Speak only that which is true, kind, helpful and necessary. Knowing that deception creates distant, don't keep secrets from family or loved ones. Be fair, accurate and frank in discussions, a stranger to deceit. Admit your failings. Do not engage in slander, gossip or backbiting. Do not bear false witness against another.

    3. Non-stealing : ASTEYA
    Uphold virtue of non-stealing, neither theiving, coveting nor failing to repay debt. Control your desires and live within your means. Do not use borrowed resources for unintended purposes or keep them past due. Do not gamble or defraud others. Do not renege on promises. Do not use others names, words, resources or rights without permission or acknowledgement.

    4. Divine Conduct : BRAHMACHARYA
    Practice divine conduct, controlling lust by remaining celibatewhen single and faithful in marriage. Before marriage, use vital energies in study, and after marriage in creating family success. Don't waste the sacred force by promiscuity in thought, word or deed. Be restrained with the gender you find attraction on. Seek holy company. Dress and speak modestly. Shun pornography, sexual humor and violence.

    5. Patience : KSHAMA
    Exercise patience, restraining intolerance with people and impatience with circumstances. Be agreeable. Let others behave according to their nature, without adjusting to you. Don't argue, dominate conversations or interrupt others. Don't be in a hurry. Be patient with children and the elderly. Minimize stress by keeping worries at bay. Remain poised in good times and bad.

    6. Steadfastness : DHRITI
    Foster steadfastness, overcoming nonperserverance, fear, indecision and changeableness. Achieve your goals with a prayer, purpose, plan, persistence and push. Be firm in your decision. Avoid sloth and procrastination. Develop willpower, courage and industriousness. Overcome obstacles. Never carp or complain. Do not let opposition or fear of failure result in changing strategies.

    7. Compassion : DAYA
    Practice compassion, conquering callous, creul and insensitive feelings toward all beings. See God everhwere. Be kind to people, animals, plants and the Earth itself. Forgive those who apologize and show true remorse. Foster sympathy for others' needs and suffering. Honor and assist those who are weak, impoverished, aged or in pain. Oppose family abuse and other cruelties.

    8. Honesty : ARJAVA
    Maintain honesty, renouncing deception and wrongdoing. Act honorably even in hard times. Obey the laws of your nation and locale. Pay your taxes. Be straight forward in business. Do an honest days work. Do not bribe or accept bribes. Do not cheat, deceive or circumvent to achieve an end. Be frank with yourself. Face and accept your faults without blaming them on others.

    9. Moderate Appetite : MITAHARA
    Be moderate in appetite, neither eating too much nor consuming meat, fish, shellfish, fowl or eggs. Enjoy fresh, wholesome vegetarian foods that vitalize the body. Avoid junk food. Drink in moderation. Eat at regular times, only when hungry, at a moderate pace, never between meals, in a disturbed atmosphere or when upset. Follow a simple diet, avoiding rich or fancy fare.

    10. Purity : SAUCHA
    Uphold the ethic of purity, avoiding impurity in mind, body and speech. Maintain a clean, healthy body. Keep a pure, uncluttered home and workplace. Act virtuously. Kepp good company, never mixing with adulterers, thieves or other impure people. Keep away from pornography and violence. Never use harsh, angered or indecent language. Worship devoutly. Meditate daily.
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