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  1. spnadmin

    Besam Rules! Zucchini And Chickpea Pancakes

    Zucchini and chickpea pancakes by maki Zucchini pancakes are one way to use up a lot at once. This version uses chickpea flour instead of wheat flour or eggs, with a little bit of spice in it. It’s great hot or cold, and is a perfect snack, side dish or complete vegan main dish, since...
  2. spnadmin

    Zucchini And Rice Recipe (Manjula's Kitchen)

    YouTube - Zucchini Rice Recipe by Manjula, Indian Vegetarian Cooking Full recipe http://www.manjulaskitchen.com/2007/01/04/zucchini-rice/ Zucchini rice is a great side dish for any time of the day. Serving for 4. Zucchini Rice Ingredients: * 1 cup rice * 2...