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  1. Arvind

    Yogi Bhajan's Sikhs

    Dear Sangat, My personal perception about Sikhs created by Yogi Bhajan is very highly one. A mere look at those Singhs gives such a powerful feeling to be more loving, knowledgeable, ...., ... . However, I didnt have luck to meet those sikhs. This thread is initiated to look into what was...
  2. Arvind

    Yogi Bhajan's Lectures

    For interested people, his Lectures' Archive is at http://www.sikhnet.com/Articles
  3. N

    Sikh News Harbhajan Singh Yogi Ji Is Not More

    New Delhi, Oct 7 (UNI) Top spiritual leader Yogi Harbhajan, head of the Sikh Dharma in the western hemisphere, has died in the US because of a heart condition. He was 74. The Yogi is survived by his widow, two sons and a daughter. According to information received here by National Commission...
  4. S

    Poem On Guru Gobind Singh Ji By Yogi Allah Yaar Khan

    Yogi allah yaar khan wrote as follows abt guru gobind singh ji while comparing his greatness to some other famous personalities Dandak main phire ram to sita thi bagal main, (when ram was given exile his wife sita was with her) woh fakhre jahan hind ki mata thi bagal main, (Hindustan...