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    "Sada Virsa Sada Gaurav"

    Vaaheguroojeekakhalsa Vaaheguroojeekeefatehh "Sada Virsa Sada Gaurav" Monthly Magazine of Guru Gobind Singh Study Circle, August 2007 issue is now ONLINE click: Guru Gobind Singh Study Circle - Magazines You can also view and download the old editions of this Magazine(SVSG). Welcome to Guru...
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    Baba Virsa Singh : Fakir Attracts Huge Birthday Crowds

    Fakir attracts huge birthday crowds Sunday 20 February 2005, 10:43 Makka Time, 7:43 GMT A Russian politician is among those travelling to meet Singh Thousands are flocking to the northern Indian farmlands of Gadaipur on the outskirts of New Delhi for spiritual fulfillment at the...