1. spnadmin

    Events Chronicle Of Sikh Massacres (vii): The Great Sikh Holocaust Vadda Ghallughara

    The Great Sikh Holocaust: Vadda Ghallughara, the Great Holocaust of 1762. Betrayed by AQIL DAS The Great Holocaust of Sikh history is known to Sikhs as Vadda Ghallughara estimates of 25,000 to 50,000 Deaths The second Ghallughara called the Wadda (major) Ghallughara occurred on 5th...
  2. Arvind

    Sikh News Religious Discrimination Violates Title VII Of The Civil Rights Act Of 1964

    Surinder was wearing a Kirpaan when she was told she would no longer be permitted to wear it because it was a violation of company policy to bring a “weapon” to the workplace. To make the matter worse, Surinder Kaur’s husband, Avtar Singh, also an Amritdhari Sikh and truck driver, was shot by...