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    UK Sikh Man Hilariously Turns Urban Outfitters Into ‘Turban Outfitters’

    UK Sikh man hilariously turns Urban Outfitters into ‘Turban Outfitters’ London : A hilarious Twitter photo of a Sikh man in the UK turning a branch of fashion chain Urban Outfitters into ‘Turban Outfitters’ by using a sign has gone viral, says ANI. Chaz Singh, who is councillor for...
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    India Raise Sikh Youth Unemployment Issue In Parliament: Congress Leader To PM

    Raise Sikh youth unemployment issue in Parliament: Congress leader to PM Updated: Monday, July 29, 2013, 21:35 Delhi: Expressing concern over a survey that puts Sikh youths among the most unemployed in the country, a Congress leader has asked Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to raise the...
  3. K

    India Urban Sikhs Face Highest Unemployment

    NEW DELHI: Unemployment was highest among Sikhs living in cities and towns during 2009-10 while the rate of joblessness showed a downward trend for Muslims in both urban and rural areas, a government survey released this month has revealed. Muslims had the lowest per capita spending...
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    Judaism Urban Mystic: Finding Holy Sparks In The City

    Shelly R. Fredman Writing Teacher, Barnard and The Skirball For much of my life I gazed upon the world through the windshield of a suburban car. Zooming past Midwestern strip malls, parking lots and Taco Bells, I was no mystic. A one-inch pane of glass sealed me from the outside world, and in...
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    Sikh News BJP Opposes Move To Impose House Tax In Urban Areas Of Punjab (PTI Via Yahoo! India N

    Jalandhar, Aug 19 (PTI) Punjab Local Bodies Minister and BJP leader Manoranjan Kalia today opposed the SAD-BJP coalition government's decision to impose house tax in the urban areas of the More...
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    The Value Of Urban Design (Planetizen)

    A new report aims to establish whether there is a persuasive case for urban design. Is there value to be gained through good urban design? What kinds of value does it offer, and how can New Zealand's towns and cities benefit...