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    USA Second Screeening Of Turbans Now Mandatory At US Airports

    Three civil liberties organizations say the rights of Sikhs in America are being further trampled upon as the Transportation Security Administration rolls out a new policy which will mandatorily require all turbaned Sikhs to undergo three levels of security screening at U.S. airports. The new...
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    USA But Prez Strikes Right Note On Turbans, Golden Temple

    US President Barack Obama has promised to have a close look at the issue of disrespect shown to Sikh religious symbols like the turban during security check up and will find some way to ensure that religious sentiments of the community as well as security concerns of the US officials were taken...
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    India Pride Of Tying Turbans: Crowns For The Commoner

    Folded or twisted like a rope and tied in a myriad ways around the head, with interesting regional and individual variations, the turban worn by the Indian male is much more than a headgear. An unstitched length of cloth, its style of tying concedes details of the wearer — that could...
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    Bucking The Trend: Women In Turbans

    Bucking The Trend: Women in Turbans by RAVEENA AULAKH Sometimes she is in the subway when someone pops the question. Other times she is in a fast food lineup. Once she was watching a movie in a theatre when a man came up and whispered: "Why do you wear a turban?" Mandeep Kaur...
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    Sikh Busmen Win Battle To Wear Turbans (31 Years Ago, The Guardian Archives)

    WOLVERHAMPTON, WEDNESDAY The Sikh employees of Wolverhampton Transport Committee have won their battle to wear their turbans while working on the town's buses. The committee decided today to lift its ban after a last-minute intervention by the Department of Employment and Productivity...
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    Sikhs Will Not Allow Their Holy Turbans To Be Touched

    , Jun 29, 2010 8:31:32 Sikh will not allow their Holy Turbans to be touched British Sikh Police Association (BSPA) is leading the ploy of Sikhs around the world, as fears grow that Sikh may become targets of new security directives that are planned to be implemented in airports. The...
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    Pacific Cossie Club Votes To Keep Ban On Turbans

    A Cosmopolitan Club embroiled in controversy after barring a turban-wearing community leader from its premises has voted not to change its entry rules about headwear. The Manurewa Cosmopolitan Club's annual general meeting yesterday voted to keep the club's headwear policy - which bans...
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    Disappearing Turbans (Get Religion Blog)

    Disappearing Turbans http://www.getreligion.org/?p=35319 CONNECTED THREAD http://www.sikhphilosophy.net/hard-talk/30823-indian-canadian-gets-life-term-honour.html A Canadian reader passed along this tragic story from the Toronto Star. It’s about a man who killed his daughter-in-law. He said...
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    Controversial Maloney Efforts Pave Way For Sikhs To Wear Turbans In Army

    Maloney efforts pave way for Sikhs to wear turbans in Army Maloney efforts pave way for Sikhs to wear turbans in Army > YourNabe.com > Queens City and congressional officials honored two Sikh U.S. Army officers who have been granted permission to wear their turbans and beards while on duty...
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    World Sikh Riot Cops In UK Asked To Take Off Turbans

    Sikh riot cops in UK asked to take off turbans Sikh riot cops in UK asked to take off turbans - Indians Abroad - World - The Times of India LONDON: Sikh police officers in Britain will be banned from joining firearms or riot teams unless they remove their turbans and adopt a patka, according...
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    Controversial Sikh Turbans Banned From Armed Police Operations

    Sikh turbans banned from armed police operations BBC News - Sikh turbans banned from armed police operations Sikh police officers who wear turbans cannot join firearms teams...
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    Turbans Are Ok !

    TURBANS ARE OK !! Sign outside a Restaurant in the WEST..we have arrived !! The Art of The Perfect Turban<small> by AL CAMPBELL</small><!-- <small>April 15th, 2010</small>--> "A good turban is all about practice, neatness and experience," said Ravi Singh Sharma, engrossed in his art as...
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    World War 1 English Officers In The Sikh Regiments Wore Turbans

    Vintage Pictures Of The British Army India : Part I The respect and affection that the English had for the Sikhs is well recorded. There is no historical evidence of the English entering Sikh places of worship and desecrating them.
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    Cubs Wearing Turbans

    In my younger days, at about the age of 8, I a had an interesting neighbour. He’d be friendly and also somewhat distant? I’ll always remember the times he used to standby and watch the other kids ride by in their bikes throwing stones at us. We once set-up a tent in the back garden and all I...
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    Much Ado About Bindis, Nose Rings And Turbans

    http://www.dnaindia.com/world/report_much-ado-about-bindis-nose-rings-and-turbans_1310429 New York: America has become more inclusive of immigrant communities but Indians still fight to retain aspects of their cultural and religious traditions. Surprisingly, bindis, turbans and ubiquitous nose...
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    Of Berets And Turbans

    Elaine Donnelly at NRO goes overboard in castigating the Army for allowing a Sikh doctor (and potentially a Sikh dentist) to retain the beards and turbans their faith requires of them. Donnelly (whose work I usually admire) compares this dispensation to the Army's deliberately turning a blind...
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    'Tight Turbans' Leading To Hair Loss Claim

    source: 'Tight turbans' leading to hair loss claim (From Asian Image) 'Tight turbans' leading to hair loss claim Saturday, 7th November 2009 - Asian Image U.K. <a href="http://mhlnk.com/B1419C65" target="_blank"><img...
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    Nihang Turbans

    Some of the Beautiful Nihang Turbans
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    Let's Talk Turbans :)

    The Art of Tying a Turban or, 52 Ways to Tie a Larh by SIKHSUBCULTURE Wearing a Puggri ("Puggh") is nothing if it isn't an art form. Everyday, millions of people get up earlier than everyone else to put on their puggh (not to mention groom their dhaaris - beards). For...
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    FAQs Where Do Sikhs Get Turbans And The Salwar Kameez?

    These can usually be bought in fabric stores in the U.S. Some Sikh Americans also get them if they visit India or have them mailed from their relatives there.