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  1. N

    Sikh News End-of-life Study To Focus On Needs Of Sikh And Muslim Patients (Medical News Today)

    A new project to help terminally ill Sikh and Muslim patients to have 'a good death' sensitive to their cultural and religious beliefs is to begin at the University of Edinburgh...
  2. Archived_Member16

    Study To Help Sikhs & Muslims 'die With Dignity' !

    http://www.hindustantimes.com/news/7242_1413030,00180007.htm Study to help Sikhs and Muslims 'die with dignity' Asian News International Washington, June 27, 2005 Researchers at the University of Edinburgh are conducting a new study to identify ways in which health professionals can...
  3. N

    Sikh News Australian Expert To Study Turbanator's Action (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    The latest review of Harbhajan Singh's bowling action is to be conducted by an Australian bio-mechanist, the International Cricket Council (ICC) has confirmed. http://us.rd.yahoo.com/dailynews/rss/search/sikh/SIG=11riod5k0/*http%3A//www.abc.net.au/sport/content/200505/s1371954.htm
  4. S

    Hackers Aren't Just Picking On Microsoft: Study (Reuters)

    Reuters - Online criminals turned their attention to antivirus software and media players like Apple Computer Inc.'s iTunes in the first three months of 2005 as they sought new ways to take control of users' computers, according to a survey released on Monday...
  5. S

    Study Faults Army Vehicle (washingtonpost.com)

    washingtonpost.com - The Army has deployed a new troop transport vehicle in Iraq with many defects, putting troops there at unexpected risk from rocket-propelled grenades and raising questions about the vehicle's development and $11 billion cost, according to a detailed critique in a classified...
  6. S

    Study: Fewer Using Peer-To-Peer Systems (AP)

    AP - Use of peer-to-peer systems like Kazaa for sharing music and other files online has dropped as more Americans who use the Internet turn to such alternative methods as downloading files from a friend's iPod, a new study finds...
  7. Sikhi 24/7

    Study Confirms Effectiveness Of Drug For Persistent Asthma

    Title: Study Confirms Effectiveness of Drug for Persistent AsthmaCategory: Health NewsCreated: 3/21/05 1:59:00 AMLast Editorial Review: 3/21/05 1:58:45 AM http://www.medicinenet.com/guide.asp?s=rss&k=DailyHealth&a=46325
  8. S

    Heritage Letter From The Center For Study Of Indian Diaspora, Hyderabad

    ... S. Thandi of Coventry University presented dramatic evidence showing how diasporic philanthropy is helping rural development among Punjabi Sikh communities. ... http://www.indolink.com/displayArticleS.php?id=031105090110
  9. V

    Dasam Granth - A Critical Study

    Gurfateh Parwan Ho ! Das is only writing about a view of Sirdar Sahib Gurbax singh Ji Kala Afghana Sahib article in english and that also part 2 from spokesmen magzine july 1999. Das realy respect Sirdar Sahib and if Talwara has made him a sort of 'outcaste' then Talwara has done a big...
  10. N

    Rehit And Its Composers : A Study

    The following topic is taken as it is from another resource on internet. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- I'd like to discuss the origin of Rehit and those who composed it. What were they influenced by, was it the Divine contact in which they composed...
  11. N

    Sikh News Nurse To Study In Pakistan

    http://iccoventry.icnetwork.co.uk/0100news/0100localnews/tm_objectid=15025169&method=full&siteid=50003&headline=nurse-to-study-in-pakistan-name_page.html Nurse to study in Pakistan ic Coventry, UK - 3 hours ago ... the Muslim diabetic community. Especially as a Sikh, I wanted to ensure that...
  12. S

    Would You . Study ?

    This one is one of my favorites... hee hee A student comes to a young professor's office hours. She glances down the hall, closes his door, and kneels pleadingly."I would do anything to pass this exam," she says.She leans closer to him, flips back her hair, and gazes meaningfully into his...
  13. N

    Dasam Granth: A Study

    What is the Dasam Granth? The collected writings of Guru Gobind Singh are known as Dasam Granth ("Scripture of the Tenth "). The writings of the poets in his court comprise a different scripture, known as Vidiya Sar ("Pool of Knowledge"). According to a famous history of the Sikhs written in...
  14. N

    Gurmat And Naturalisms : A Study By Dr. Kanwar Ranvir Singh

    Nirgun Sargun Ik Hai” = the Formless and the forms Is One. This teaching is the basis for the perspective that all matter is holy and indeed, in a state-of-being conscious. Matter includes the solar systems, the earth, and us. For, “Water, wind, fire sing to You…Sing continents, worlds, and...
  15. N

    Buddhism Gurmat And Dhamma : A Study By Dr. Kanwar Ranvir Singh

    If you go to the Golden Temple one of the most interesting things you will observe are some Tibetan pilgrims who come to pray there, bowing down at each of their steps. These people are Buddhists who may belong to one of the numerous sects of Tibetan Buddhism, who regard Guru Nanak as Guru...
  16. N

    Hinduism Gurmat And Hinduism : A Study By Dr. Kanwar Ranvir Singh

    As we have seen Gurmat is universal mystical revolution. Hinduism is hard to pin down but there are certain fundamental beliefs focusing around a national-political project which has been active in India since the Aryan invasion three and a half thousand years ago. But whereas the western Aryan...
  17. N

    Islam Gurmat And Islam : A Study By Dr. Kanwar Ranvir Singh

    Both faiths recognise the Oneness of God and regard it as human duty to follow what they describe as the hukm, the Divine Will. However, they differ on the content of this hukm. For Muslims, it can be derived from the Holy Koran, the hadith of the Prophet Muhammed (Peace Be Upon Him), the...
  18. N

    Christianity Gurmat And Jesus : A Study By Dr Kanwar Ranvir Singh

    Unless you can see Christ in me, you are failing as a Christian. Unless I see Guru in you I am failing as a Sikh. Jesus says that as you have treated the least of people, so you have treated me (Matthew 25:40). Guru Gobind Singh asked the disciple Bhai Kannaya why he was providing water to...
  19. N

    How Does The Critical Study Of Religion Impact Believers?

    How were the darker corners of religious history handled (violence, ostracizement, etc)? How does the critical study of religion impact believers, and how should intstructors manage this: For instance, it is always a dicy issue to raise questions about a faith's own claims about its history...
  20. Admin

    Teachings Of Guru Nanak Dev Ji & Guru Gobind Singh Ji : A Comparative Study

    Somebody said... "Guru Gobind based his teachings on Hermetic thought and that Guru Nanak was clearly influenced by Templar culture and chivalry" What are your views? Please be objective in your discussion. Thank you.