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    India Two Stolen Sikh Scriptures Recovered In Bihar

    Two stolen Sikh scriptures recovered in Bihar The police have recovered two 'birs' of Guru Granth Sahib, each said to be 300 years old which were stolen from a...
  2. R

    Legal Robbery And Stolen Property: If Recovered, Mode Of Delivery

    General: A few days back about 20-25 ladies assembled in a house to attend a kitty party. A kitty party is a get together of usually housewives where the party is held in one lady’s house every month. On this date one lady gets the collected sum of money from all the ladies...
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    UK Man's Turban Stolen In Southampton Race Attack

    Man's turban stolen in Southampton race attack A Sikh man was racially abused and had his turban stolen as he stood at a bus stop in Southampton. The 29-year-old man was approached by a group of five drunken men outside the Civic Centre on Tuesday evening. Police said the group shouted and...
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    Stolen Childhood

    UNICEF, in its latest report, says that though encouraging progress has been made to improve the lot of children the world over, much remains to be done. The world body has given its assessment with regard to the 2015 Millennium Development Goals decided by all the nations under the aegis of the...
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    Police Officer Pulls Over His Stolen Car (AP)

    AP - An off-duty police officer on a Sunday drive saw something awfully familiar — his recently stolen Volkswagen Jetta.*
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    Peer-To-Peer Users Share More Than Stolen Songs (Reuters)

    Reuters - College kids looking for free music may have popularized Internet file-trading software, but the technology is now used by everyone from penny-pinching phone callers to polar explorers...