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    Legal Human Rights Group Sikhs For Justice To Hold Sikh Sovereignty Conference

    Human Rights Group Sikhs For Justice To Hold Sikh Sovereignty Conference Conference Will Focus On Sikh Self Determination As Guaranteed By UN Charter! In recent times, India has been propagating that Canadian Sikhs are promoting terrorism and violence...
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    Opinion Arab Sovereignty, Sikh Solidarity (Langar Hall)

    by Brooklynwala Kicked off by Tunisia’s Jasmine Revolution last month, the massive uprisings against U.S.-backed authoritarian regimes throughout the Arab world have grown into an undeniable and unprecedented force for real democracy. Since the dictators being targeted have close ties to...
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    Controversial Sikhs Mark Sovereignty Milestones And Defy Indian Posturing In South Asia

    Sikhs mark Sovereignty Milestones and Defy Indian Posturing in South Asia http://www.{censored}/news.php?news=9362 irmingham/Smethwick, 13 may (Ranjit Singh Srai)-Sunday 9th May 2010: An array of Sikh organisations has, while marking key historical anniversaries relating to Sikh...
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    Struggle For Sikh Sovereignty To Continue: Panch Pardhani

    Struggle for Sikh Sovereignty to continue: Panch Pardhani Indian media propagating against Sikhs and Sikh struggle| – Sikh News and Multimedia. Talwandi Sabo (April 14, 2010): In a conference held here at Talwandi Sabo, the Shiromani Akali...
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    Coinage Sikh Coinage: Symbol Of Sikh Sovereignty

    Reviewed by Professor Hardev Singh Virk The author of Sikh Coinage: Symbol of Sikh Sovereignty, is a retired civil servant who, after retirement, received his Ph D from the Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata. The title of his dissertation was Studies in Sikh Coinage. This book is an...
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    Sikh Sovereignty

    Dear members, We all claim to know and discuss history of Sikhs. In this context I am sure all must know about Sikh sovereign rule by Maharaja Ranjit Singh. But, how many of us know that the Sikhs had initiated the rule over Punjab several years before Ranjit Singh was even born? The Sikhs...