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  1. Ambarsaria

    Christianity 'Serpent-Handling' West Virginia Pastor Dies From Snake Bite

    <cite><abbr id="yui_3_4_0_22_1338433045011_343" title="2012-05-30T17<img src=" http:="" www.sikhphilosophy.net="" images="" smilies="" talking="" 34.gif"="" border="0" alt="" smilieid="67" class="inlineimg"> </abbr></cite> 'Serpent-Handling' West Virginia … A "serpent-handling" West...
  2. spnadmin

    Nature In The Land Of One Million Snake Bites

    by ROHINI RAMAKRISHNAN The documentary “One Million Snake Bites” sends out the message – that humans and snakes must learn to coexist. Snakes move swiftly and people in crowded cities jostle each other…the documentary “One Million Snake Bites” (that was screened recently at Sathyam Cinemas to...
  3. spnadmin

    Nature Surviving A Snake Bite

    Janiki Lenin For centuries, huge numbers of people have died of snakebite in India. In recent decades, there have been several attempts to quantify “huge numbers”. Unless we have these figures, there is no way to assess whether the problem is increasing or decreasing, and which areas are more...
  4. Tejwant Singh

    SciTech Amorous Slug, Orange Snake Among Finds On Borneo

    Amorous slug, orange snake among finds on Borneo Amorous slug, orange snake among finds on Borneo - Yahoo! News KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia – A lungless frog, a frog that flies and a slug that shoots love darts are among 123 new species found in Borneo since 2007 in a project to conserve one...