sikh superman

  1. T

    Arts/Society Super Sikh - New Design! Let Me Know Your Thoughts

    Hey guys, Im getting ready to launch a new product but before I do that I wanted to ask you guys your thoughts and opinion. Which one would you wear, if any? Leave a comment.
  2. BhagatSingh

    Sikh Superheroes

    Hi everyone, I am doing a survey and would like to see how many people would be interested in my projects. I need to know how many people would be interested in seeing a Sikh Superhero and seeing comics, movies and videogames on such characters? (All other factors neutral meaning, if you would...
  3. E

    Arts/Society Super Sikh Comic By Eileen Alden

    San Francisco, California, USA There’s a new superhero in town and he doesn’t sport a cape, mask or wear embarrassing tights. He wears a turban and sports a beard. His name is Deep Singh – and he fights the Taliban! You can meet this Sikh badass super agent in the first issue of ‘Super...