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sikh marriage

  1. G

    Sikh Marriage Between Man & Woman

    Since the development of the Universe, marriage between the female and male has been in practice for the purpose of living together and usually procreating lawful offspring. The Almighty God has thus created Adam and Eve followed by the growth of human population. Major religions have also...
  2. Kanwaljit.Singh

    Bridegroom Walking Ahead

    Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh ji, a few of the questions I answered on Sikhnet forum. Even when it comes to our own Sikh religion and Guru's directives, we are becoming a lot questioning and critical. We are not accepting. Please let me know your views. The whole 'process' of Anand...
  3. Admin

    Changing Trends In Sikh Weddings

    Changing trends in Sikh weddings and a special ‘Anand Karaj’ in Thailand By Dya Singh In my life and ‘travels’ I have attended, helped to conduct, and conducted, literally hundreds of ‘Anand Karaj’ (Sikh religious wedding) ceremonies since teenage-hood. I remember some beautiful ceremonies...
  4. Archived_Member_19

    General Govt To Bring Special Marriage Act For Sikhs

    Govt to bring special marriage act for Sikhs- Hindustan Times I wonder why the newsmaker in news section did not capture this :hmm: does the newsmaker have any anti india bias? :down: Press Trust Of India New Delhi, March 10, 2008 First Published: 15:42 IST(10/3/2008) Last Updated...
  5. Arvind

    Sikh Marriage Ceremony - Anand Karaj Or Metaphor For Relationship With God?

    Gurmukh Pyareo, GuruFateh ji. While reading Guru Granth Sahib ji (773, 774), I realize I dont understand the meaning of the laava'n. As a married man, I look forward to meanings of the laava'n. What is Guru ji saying about marriage, and married behaviour? During my marriage, Granthi ji...