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sikh kara

  1. Admin

    Pacific New Zealand Pm: Sikhs Should Be Allowed To Wear Kirpans At World Cup

    Prime Minister John Key says he is sympathetic to the Sikh community's push for an exemption to Civil Aviation rules to allow them to carry their ceremonial daggers, known as a kirpan, on flights. Mr Key says members of the Sikh community approached him in Takanini last Sunday about the issue...
  2. Amos Vos

    Concept Of Total Liberation, Name Of God, Sikhism And Astrology

    Hello everybody I'm mainly interested in the concept of total liberation and the question about the recitation of the Name of God..how do we know the Name of God? Did He/She said it to us..all religions and phlisophies came up with different names....could someone explain that to me..with words...
  3. K

    Types Of Karas

    Wahe Guru Ji Ki Ka Khalsa, wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh Greetings, everyone, I have a question. There are now different designs of the kara; I have seen some that are ridge, some that are smooth, and I have been wondering how the different forms of karas have come about. A friend gave me one that is...