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sikh american kids

  1. Admin

    Sign The Petition - Remove Restrictions For Sikhs Wishing To Serve In The U.S. Military

    Sign the Petition: Remove Restrictions for Sikhs Wishing to Serve in the U.S. Military My name is Major Kamal Singh Kalsi. As a Sikh, I wear a religiously mandated turban and maintain unshorn hair (including a beard that's neatly tied and tucked under my chin). My articles of faith represent...
  2. Admin

    Hard Talk Bullying, Sikh Children, And Awareness

    As I was in an elevator at a hotel last week, a man in the elevator approached my turbaned father as we walked out and asked him if he was a Sikh. After my father answered “yes” the man proceeded to say, “The world needs more Sikhs. Your people are amazing”. It’s actually disappointing that...