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  1. R

    Sexes Sitting Separately

    Folks i've been going to gurdwara for long time but never asked or understood why men & women sit separably. Is this just a general thing that's always been done and is it okay for a family of 4 to sit together if they wish to? Thanks
  2. Astroboy

    Differences Between Men And Women !

    THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN WOMEN AND MEN Women understand colour. They seem to know what to wear all the time. Men just think red is nice, pink is nice, so why not have them together? Jeremy Vine Women have the Oh dear, the toilet paper is on its last sheet; must replace it immediately gene...
  3. N

    Islam Equality Of The Sexes

    Dear Surinder Kaur-Ji, Thank you for your message. In Sufism the presence of a living Sufi Master [Guru] can enable a disciple to understand that the outer forms of worship [segregation of the sexes, wearing of Hijab etc] are but symbols of inward realisation. Intelligent persons are drawn to...
  4. Sikh N Sleek

    Can There Ever Be TOTAL Equality Of Sexes?

    I'm wondering whether we are just deluding ourselves by stating that case that Sikhism is for TOTAL equality of the sexes when in reality and in teaches and historical times of the Guru's there is little evidence for this. For example Guru Govind Singh ji created the Khalsa (saint soliders)...