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    Serving Of Meat In Langar By Guru Angad Sahib Ji?

    Waheguru Ji/वाहे गुरू जी, I read at the following link that meat was served in langar during the times of Guru Angad Dev Ji. /मैंने एक जगह पढ़ा कि गुरु अंगद देव जी के लंगर में मांस परोसा जाता था। लिन्क नीचे है। Link removed. The site referred to is Spiritual World/article is 10 Gurus of...
  2. spnadmin

    Seeking Equality, Serving Others (Never Enough Sundays Blog)

    This article is from the Never Enough Sundays blog: Never Enough Sundays A weekly visit to a different faith group for 52 weeks to discover how people intentionally meet God in corporate worship. A person's faith tradition is made up of at least two things: first, what they say they...
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    UK UK's Longest Serving Sikh Officer To Retire

    UK's longest serving Sikh officer to retire LONDON: Britain's longest serving NRI Sikh officer and detective constable Harinder Singh Sangha will retire this month after 35 years of police service. Harinder, popularly known as €˜Hari€™, was born in Jalandhar district and was educated in...
  4. spnadmin

    United Sikhs Haiti Earthquake Survivors Get Hot Meals As UNITED SIKHS AID Start Serving Langgar

    Haiti Earthquake Survivors Get Hot Meals As UNITED SIKHS AID Start Serving Langgar Port-au-Prince, Haiti : UNITED SIKHS' second volunteer team arrived at Port-au-Prince yesterday and started serving langgar (the Sikh tradition of serving hot meals cooked in a community kitchen) to...
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    Serving A True Guru

    Serving a True Guru A true Guru is one who knows the Truth, who is Eternal, so is capable of showing us the True Path to reach the Ultimate Truth. Dhan Guru Granth Sahib Ji, Gurbani is my True Guru, The Divine Light. It dwells in my heart. I have made Singing Lord's Praises my occupation(way...