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  1. Admin

    World War 1 Sikh-Canadian Pioneers: Still Searching For Our Sikh War Heroes

    Sikh-Canadian Pioneers: Still Searching for Our Sikh War Heroes by DAVID R. GRAY In the making of a new Canadian documentary film, Canadian Soldier Sikhs: A Little Story in a Big War, we have reached a watershed. Our film is taking shape, filled out by the exciting detail we have found in war...
  2. S

    Sikh News US To Begin Searching Sikh Turbans (Bangkok Post)

    First it was just the metal detectors and body checks, then came removal of shoes, sharp objects and cigarette lighters followed by metal forks and knives as well as nail-clippers. Recently, water, liquids and gels have been placed on the list. More...
  3. S

    Sikh News Sikh Community Condemns Policy On Searching Turbans (Oakland Tribune)

    A new Homeland Security Department policy singles out Sikh men for rigorous airport security searches at the discretion of screeners, a national civil rights organization says. More...
  4. P

    Searching For An Answer

    I need someone to help me understand something. I know that through naam, the Guru will forgive, even if you have commited endless sins or paaps or if you have hurt people and have made thier lives miserable. If you give up doing these things, reform yourself, mend your ways and through...